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Great Destinations in Ca Mau – Vietnam

Ca Mau is a fascinating place for many families because of its wild beauty but infatuated people hearts. This is a mangrove ecosystem, many specialties with the salty taste of the sea…

When reading lines of poetry or writing of many writers or poets wrote about Cape Ca Mau, many people would certainly want to come once on the sacred land,  where the headland of this country. And surely those who have come here will want to come back many more times.

Come to Ca Mau, visitors will have the opportunity to see and experience many special things here. Here is the list of special places that visitors should experience and discover when coming to Ca Mau.

Hon Da Bac – The historical landscape in Ca Mau

Hon Da Bac in Kinh Hon hamlet, Khanh Binh Tay commune, Tran Van Thoi district, Ca Mau province and about 50km from Ca Mau city. This is a beautiful island cluster of 3 islands located close to the coast. According to many information, Hon Da Bac and Hon Khoai in Ca Mau is over 180 million years old. The island has great potential for ecotourism. From Ca Mau city travelers want to visit Hon Da Bac, riding motorbike for about 90 minutes to Minh Ha direction and Coi Nam. 

If traveling by waterway, from Ca Mau city, follow the Tac Thu canal, go to the Hoi Dong Thanh canal, go by over 40 km further to Khanh Binh Tay, Khanh Hai, Tran Van Thoi. Hon Da Bac has an area of ​​about 6.43 hectares.

On the island there are many beautiful scenes for visitors to enjoy the Hung Kings Commemorations – 10th day of the 3rd Lunar month of this year such as San Tien, Gieng Tien, Ban Chan Tien, Ban Tay Tien  and Ca Ong Pagoda. Hon Da Bac is one of the beautiful tourist sites of Ca Mau.

Khai Long Sea Tourist Area 

Khai Long is one of the most attractive coastal ecological tourism of Ca Mau. There is a long sandy beach, blue ocean, peaceful sea, four surface is a mangrove ecosystem, creating a cool space suitable for relaxing. From Khai Long Beach, tourists can also enjoy the beautiful Hon Khoai Island.

In addition, there are more houses, restaurants, lakes and entertainment activities to serve the increasing demand of tourists. Especially, this area is where the statue of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattava located so beside to visit this place for sightseeing, visitors can visit here to worship and pray for their families

Thi Tuong reservoir

Thi Tuong reservoir is one of the largest natural reservoir in the Mekong Delta, located between Tran Van Thoi and Phu Tan district of Ca Mau province. The reservoir is nearly 2 km wide and 10 km long, total water surface is 700ha. There are many blocks on the floor, each house about 10m apart. The gap is the boundary of each fishing village. Here, the ecological environment is very wild and cultural features associated with the historic.

Come here, visitors are immersed in a peaceful scene with cool water, surrounded by small villages create a picture of charming countryside, spinning along the tray of rice to enjoy specialties by the people here how to cook these dishes  and listening to their living stories of these people, who live on the reservoir.

Hon Khoai – wonderful landscape in Ca Mau 

Like Hon Da Bac Island, Hon Khoai Island is a beautiful island still has many wild features in the southernmost of the country. Here there are primeval forests with hundreds of years of timber trees and rare animals. Also on the island is a round pebble beach as goose eggs are very suitable for sightseeing excursions.

At the highest peak of Hon Khoai, there is still a lighthouse built by the French in 1920 – this is one of the first lighthouse in Vietnam. From the lighthouse, you can see more than 40 nautical miles from the telescope. Here visitors can also observe Cape Ca Mau, it is not easy to observe if you don’t come to Hon Khoai Island.

Ca Mau Floating Market – great experience in Ca Mau

Ca Mau Floating Market is located at the end of Ganh Hao river, in the heart of Ca Mau city. Ca Mau floating market is no less exciting than other floating markets in the West. There are hundreds of boats, small boats full of goods to trade and trading in Ca Mau floating market. No one knows this floating market was formed ever, only know how to buy in the river is a very typical form of culture in the Southern River.

Like other floating markets such as Phong Dien floating market, Cai Rang Can Tho or Cai Be floating market – Tien Giang, etc. essentials but now Only focus on wholesale and retail of fresh agricultural products, vegetables and fruits for traders. Anyway, the beauty and the very characteristics of the West River still attracts visitors to visit the Ca Mau floating market, although only a short time of travel.

U Minh Ha Forest

U Minh Ha National Park is located in Khanh Lam, Khanh An, Khanh Binh Tay Bac and Tran Hoi Communes of U Minh and Tran Van Thoi districts. Most tourists when come to Ca Mau also want to go to U Minh forest which people have seen on film many times.

Enjoying the food of the South in U Minh Ha Forest  is also unforgettable feeling for all visitors when coming here. Let try the grilled fish roll the rice paper rolls; hot pot with vegetables, Epiphytic fern, mango, Knotgrass, Okinawan spinach; … make you still want to eat more even when you are full.

Cape Ca Mau

Cape Ca Mau is located in Mui village, Dat Mui commune, Ngoc Hien district, more than 100 km from Ca Mau city. This is a piece of land protruding to the South China Sea in the South of the country, this place has a very sacred meaning for our people. To reach Dat Mui, you can go to the high speed ship in Ward 7, Ca Mau city, buy tickets to go straight to Rach Tau. On the waterway, you have the opportunity to observe the life of the people of the river, the view of the coconut water banks, aegiceras, mangroves are stretching up from the water surface …

Time to go to Dat Mui about 3 hours, so from Ca Mau city you should depart early in the morning. The boat will stop at Dat Mui market, 3-4 km from landmark of Dat Mui. Before you get off the ship, you should ask the last of the high speed ship back to the city from what time to avoid missing the last trip. From the market, you rent motorbike for the whole trip for about of  $50,000 VND. The driver will wait for you, so you can play, eat and the driver will take you back to the pier.

Come to Dat Mui, in addition to taking pictures at the bow, landmark coordinates, you can climb observation tower to see the land strip of the country. Once you are satisfied with the scene with the unique photos, you go to seafood restaurants on the sea to enjoy the delicious dishes of Ca Mau such as salted crab salads, turtle roasted salt, Grilled squid and eggs, …These delicious dishes will make the trip more interesting.


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