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Tra Su Melaleuca Forest – Wonderful Landscape in Vietnam

Tra Su Melaleuca forests is one of the most familiar places for many foreign visitors to Vietnam. This place has become an attractive destination of An Giang province in recent years. About more than 20 km from Chau Doc City, across few turnings before coming to the road on the two sides are the melaleuca trees leading to Tra Su ecological tourism. The welcome gate is simple and is not very prominent but behind it, is a very beautiful scene of nature.

 Where is Tra Su Melaleuca Forest location?

Tra Su Melaleuca Forest located in Van Giao commune, Tinh Bien district, An Giang province. This is a typical flooded forest in the western part of Hau River, is the home to many species of plants and animals belonging to the special-use forest system of Vietnam.

Visiting Tra Su Melaleuca forest by boat

The first stage, visitors will be taken into the melaleuca tree forest by motor boat. A motor boat can carry up to 10 passengers at a time. In this area, this is not much melaleuca trees and water-fern, so nothing is very special. The main point of the tour is in stage two.

At the next station, guests will be transferred through the small boat with paddle and tour guide. A small boat can carry 3 people. Guests must sit in the middle of the boat to balance.
Entering the middle of the forest, at this time, the whole surface was covered with a layer of water-ferm makes everything is green. This is a beautiful sight that visitors expect when coming to Tra Su forest.

This area of ​​Tra Su Melaleuca forest is about 800 hectares; the variety of Melaleuca plantation is Melaleuca (domestic variety) different from the type of foreign stations and yellow flowers Melaleuca. Forests managed by forest protection and tourism operators since 2005.
In the forest, there are many kinds of animals, in the sky are the birds, storks, bitterns, etc Under the water, there are snakehead fish, Pangasius catfish, Silurus,etc then snakes, turtles, eel.

Watching tower in Tra Su Melaleuca forest

The last stage of the trip, small boats will take you land on another station, walk on a dirt road and cross a small bridge, or rope bridge if you want to try. You will come to the watch tower with 14m high and selling souvenirs and food.
On this watch tower, you can see Mount Sam, Cam Mountain, and a cluster of seven mountains in the distance. If you want to see these mountains more clearly, especially the giant Maitreya Buddha on Cam Mountain, as well as the birds you can use the large binoculars are equipped here. The price is $5,000 VND / person.

What time should you visit Tra Su Melaleuca forest?

From July to October is a good time to visit Tra Su Melaleuca forest. This is the time of high water, so the water here is covered with many water fern (watery dewy like in the picture above). The other season is mainly duckweed, which large leaves are washed to the sides with mesh to create space for the boat back and forth.

Grilled chicken in Tra Su Melaleuca forest

Walking in Tra Su Melaleuca forest, visitors easily catch the honeycomb which is large size of the basket and are very panic. We can get up to 10 litters of honey from some of them. In here, pure honey is sold at $200,000 VND / liter; The honey is also used to prepare grilled chicken, making very eye-catching elegance, just keeping the taste and the food way we eat is very close to wild mountain.

People eat by their hands, tearing each piece of chicken with chili and pepper, with some vegetables in the forest. Especially Knotgrass vegetables, “Ri” leaves mixed with the sweet taste of chicken makes people don’t feel bore. Chicken meat is very fragrant and purely rustic in the tranquil atmosphere of Melaleuca forests, far away is the sound of storks, bitterns and hundreds of birds such as forest music is never end.

People enjoy the pleasure and “pleasure” because of the sincere way of service and the price is the number one. Free run chicken in the tourist area that only cost of $170,000 VND / kg. The drinks … are cheaper than other popular pubs in the market. So recently, this place is very crowded at the weekend.

Visiting Tra Su Melaleuca forest is an amazing idea for those who are searching the peace for their soul. Sitting on the boat, hearing the paddler’s stories about this wonderful forest, you will experience wonderful moments. Do you want to come there?


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