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Experiences for winter Sapa travelling of Vietnamese students

If traveling to Vietnam in the winter, do not forget to visit Sapa – small but very famous town in Vietnam. According to the reports, millions of visitors come to Sapa every year, because of its beautiful and unique landscape. Do you want to travel to Sapa this winter? Well, do not miss this article, guys!

visit Sapa in winter – Vietnam Immigration Services

Which transport for traveling to Sapa in winter?

Last time, we went to Sapa by booked Ha Son – Hai Van car, depart from My Dinh bus station to Lao Cai – Sapa. The car has regular beds and luxury beds. Ticket price: 250,000 VND / one-way ticket. Hotline for you to check information about the departure time, the ticket price here: 1900 6776.

visit Sapa in winter – Vietnam Immigration Services

This time, the group chose the combo in the 5 stars luxury Pao’s Sapa hotel for only 1tr990k for 3 days and 2 nights, including 2-way bed car and breakfast buffet. So, this time travel is quite convenient as not hard as many times before. If you are prepared to go Sapa self-sufficiency, you can choose this combo because it is very conveniently. The bed on the cars are very clean, blankets also does not have any smells. No matter how hard and cleanliness you are, you will be happy for sure!

visit Sapa in winter – Vietnam Immigration Services

Pao Sapa Hotel – great idea for your trip 

Pao Sapa hotel is as good as advertised! Rooms have beautiful view, decoration is also beautiful. The staff was friendly and nice, from reception to lounge staff or restaurant.The hotel offers a 350k BBQ but not too tasty. So, I recommend that if you go to Sapa self-sufficiency, you should refuse this offer. Pao Sapa also has a swimming pool with virtual view for you to take photos!

visit Sapa in winter – Vietnam Immigration Services

List of destinations when traveling to Sapa in winter

Sun Plaza Sapa – Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame Cathedral is a destination that is so familiar in the mountain town. Don’t need to talk much about this place, the ancient beauty of the church will give you beautiful pictures.

visit Sapa in winter – Vietnam Immigration Services

Sun Plazza Sapa – a super-attractive destination is also worth standing for you to visit once. The commercial center located in the heart of the town, with the unique Western architecture that is the birthplace of dozens of beautiful photos of many young people today when coming to Sapa.

Viet trekking homestay 

Traveling Sapa self-sufficient, you should take time to visit Viet trekking coffee shop located on the Hoang Lien road. It is very beautiful and you will get a lot of beautiful shots here! There are also pretty set menus for flatlay shots. Viet trekking also has homestay for you to enjoy. Choosing to stay here is one of the great ideas for traveling to Sapa in the winter.

visit Sapa in winter – Vietnam Immigration Services

Ta Van – Pass O Quy Ho

Next, we walked around Sapa, Ta Van village and O Quy Ho pass. In the afternoon, watching the sunset on the top of the mountain for sure that the romantic is always there. In addition, we do not take the cable car but take the train to the railway station for 50k. But I advise not to go because there is not anything special there, because if you want to see the whole scenes of Sapa, just standing in the hotel is fine.

visit Sapa in winter – Vietnam Immigration Services

Must – try dining places when traveling in Sapa in winter

Sapa Grill – Mrs. Ngoc Restaurant, next to Cong Doan Hotel, on the way to Ham Rong

This is lunch time, so there are very few restaurants open, the staff of cafe Vietreking told us about this place. Listen to rumors that are all marigolds marinated so I also do not need to choose carefully, just choose one that we saw first.

visit Sapa in winter – Vietnam Immigration Services

Grilled chicken with Green Pepper – Hai Lam, 72 Luong Dinh Cua

The chicken here is marinated with rich flavor, grilled half a child so spices soaked into each fiber. Chicken in Sapa is quite large but its meat is very soft. You can order half or whole chicken and you should eat with sticky rice, and some salad. VIS believes you will have a great meal.

Grilled pork, dried buffalo meat, grilled egg, fresh green tea – Peak O Quy Ho Pass

Perhaps this is the restaurant that its food is easy to eat food at affordable prices, which we have ever encountered when traveling to Sapa. Only 10k / big skewer, 7k for a big egg grilled, 75k / gr for buffalo meat, tea is for free. This restaurant offers quite cheap food and very tasty. Do not skip it.

visit Sapa in winter – Vietnam Immigration Services

Sturgeon hotpot, grilled salmon – A Phu, 15 Fansipan

This place definitely cannot to be missed if coming to Sapa. Not eating sturgeon is the biggest mistake ever. This fish is boneless, soft and sweet and eat with sour hotpot soup. Grilled salmon does not make many visitors feel satisfied.

VIS hopefully with experience traveling to Sapa in winter will help you feel satisfied. Dont wait anymore, let book airline tickets, go to Hanoi and visit Sapa, guys!


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