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Indians Need A Vietnam Visa When Flying From Bangalore to Ho Chi Minh City Or Not 2022

After COVID-19, Vietnam reopened its borders to Indians and other ethnicities, making travel to the country possible. Indians from Bangalore may go to Vietnam more easily because to the direct flight that runs between Bangalore and Ho Chi Minh. However, a visa is necessary for Indian citizens to enter Vietnam. Let’s discuss how to get a Vietnam visa for travel from Bangalore to Ho Chi Minh City as well as the criteria for Indian nationals.

Do Indians travelling by plane from Bangalore (Bengaluru) to Ho Chi Minh City in 2022 need a visa?

Please clarify first if Indians going into Tan Son Nhat Airport need a visa for Vietnam or not.

India is not really free from visa requirements, thus holders of Indian passports must apply for a visa before travelling to Ho Chi Minh City. On the internet, there is some information claiming that Indian citizens do not need a Vietnam visa. Avoid making a mistake!

Only when Indian visitors arrive on the island of Phu Quoc in Vietnam, not in Ho Chi Minh City, can they get a free visa. Indian nationals are free from Vietnam visa requirements for up to 30 days if they go to Phu Quoc, Vietnam, from an international port (whether by air or sea), remain on the island, and do not travel elsewhere. It only applies to Indian tourists travelling to Phu Quoc. Indian citizens must apply for visas as normal if they go to other countries, such as Ho Chi Minh.

To ensure that their visa will arrive on time, Indians travelling from Bangalore (Bengaluru) to Ho Chi Minh must apply for a visa at least seven days before to departure. Before allowing Indians to board the trip to Ho Chi Minh, the airline workers at Bangalore Airport will verify their visas.

How many different sorts of visas are approved by Indians travelling from Bangalore (Bengaluru) to Ho Chi Minh City in 2022?

Indian citizens may travel from Bangalore to Ho Chi Minh on four different kinds of visas, including:

  • Apply for a visa at the Vietnam embassy in New Delhi.
  • Obtain a visa at the Mumbai consulate of Vietnam
  • Arrive at Tan Son Nhat airport and get a visa.
  • Obtain an E-visa online

All four of these kinds of visas, which enable Indians to travel lawfully from Bangalore (Bengaluru) to Ho Chi Minh City, may be applied for as tourist or business visas.

How can Indian citizens apply for a Vietnam visa in Bangalore (Bengaluru) in 2022?

Both of the two first aforementioned options (applying for a Vietnam visa at the Vietnam embassy in New Delhi and the Vietnam consulate in Mumbai) require extensive processing time. Indian residents in Bangalore must travel a considerable distance to New Delhi or Mumbai in order to submit their passports and visa application papers, therefore these two options are not practical for them.

We’ll concentrate on the finest method for Indians in Bangalore (Bengaluru) to apply for a Vietnam visa: obtaining a visa for Vietnam online in Bangalore!

1/ Request an online acceptance letter for a Vietnam visa in Bangalore, then pick up your visa at the airport in Tan Son Nhat.

Six international airports in Vietnam allow visas upon arrival, and Tan Son Nhat is one of them. Indian citizens may thus apply for visas upon arrival to travel from Bangalore (Bengaluru) to Ho Chi Minh City.

Visa at the airport is another name for the Vietnam Visa on Arrival (VOA). Because it can be applied for online, it is advantageous for Indians in Bangalore. No physical documentation or trip to the embassy or consulate are needed in order to apply for a visa on arrival.

Whether they are applying for a vacation or business visa to Vietnam, Indians must follow the same procedures:

Step 1:

Step 2: Within 3-7 working days, get the visa clearance letter through email.

Step 3: Gather the necessary paperwork before boarding a flight to Vietnam, submit it to the immigration official, and pay the stamping cost to get your visa stamp at the airport.

Indian nationals must have the following papers in order to get a Vietnam visa at Tan Son Nhat Airport:

  • a printed copy of the authorisation letter,
  • the original passport,
  • an entry and exit form,
  • two passport-sized pictures.
  • money for the stamping charge;

2/ Indians apply for an electronic visa to Vietnam in Bangalore.

The process for obtaining a visa acceptance letter has become much more difficult after Covid-19. E-visa has now emerged as the top choice for Indians travelling from Bangalore to Ho Chi Minh City for this reason.

For Indian nationals, the Vietnam E-visa is a single entry visa with a 30-day validity period. Indian citizens may travel to Ho Chi Minh City by plane thanks to the Vietnam E-visa, which allows entry into the country via Tan Son Nhat airport. Indians in Bangalore (Bengaluru) may apply for a Vietnam e-visa entirely online. Indian applicants will get their visa in the mail in 3 business days.

Indians must prepare these two digital papers in order to apply for a Vietnam E-visa in Bangalore:

  • A scanned copy of the biographical page from a passport
  • A digital personal photo

Indians in Bangalore may follow the procedures below to apply for a Vietnam E-visa online:

Step 1: Go to Vietnam Immigration’s website and fill out the application for an Indian visa to Vietnam.

Step 2: Fill out all the necessary information, then attach your picture and passport.

Step 3: Pay the visa processing charge

Step 4: Get E-visa paperwork through email.

Vietnam E-visa processing for Indians typically takes three working days. Indians may seek expedited processing in an emergency to get their visas more quickly. Indians may effectively prepare for their visa flight from Bangalore to Ho Chi Minh by doing this.

Due to its speed and convenience, the Vietnam E-visa is now the ideal method for Indian nationals to apply for a visa to Vietnam. Indian citizens may apply for an E-visa whether they are travelling to Vietnam by plane from Bangalore (Bengaluru) or any other Indian city.

Indian nationals must arrive at Tan Son Nhat airport with their original passport and the printed out electronic visa. The immigration authorities will go at the Indian passport and stamp it with a 30-day visa that allows for just one entrance.

You may email us at for additional information regarding the Vietnam visa for Indians flying from Bangalore to Ho Chi Minh City. We’ll provide the most recent details on entrance criteria as well as Vietnam visa requirements for Indians. We really hope that you find this information to be beneficial. Thanks for reading!


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