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Application For Vietnam Visa For Indian – How To Apply For A Vietnam Visa From India in 2022?

After reopening the border in 2022, Vietnam will draw an increasing number of Indians. Vietnam is an excellent holiday destination for Indian travellers due to its rich cultural heritage, history, and natural beauty. If you are an Indian considering a trip to Vietnam, read on to learn more about India’s Vietnam visa requirements and processes. After Covid-19, these details are revised in conformity with Vietnam’s immigration regulations.

1/ Do Indians Require a Visa to Enter Vietnam in 2022?

Yes, Indian visitors need a Vietnam visa in order to enter the country. However, Indian citizens are still eligible for visa on arrival and e-visas.

2 / Is a Visa on Arrival / E-Visa available for Indians visiting Vietnam?

Yes, Indian passport holders who want to visit Vietnam have the option of obtaining a visa upon arrival. Visa on arrival allows Indian travellers to pick up their visas at Vietnamese airports.

Before entering Vietnam, Indian passport holders must apply for this visa and get a visa acceptance letter.

E-visa for Vietnam is also available to Indian passport holders. This visa may be obtained online in a few simple steps. Indian must apply for and get an E-visa before to the entrance date.

3/ Visa Fees for Vietnam for Indian Citizens in 2022

Both e-Visa and visa-upon-arrival applicants must pay a charge to enter Vietnam. However, the charge varies according on the application procedure you choose. Please review the Indian visa cost at this website.

4/ Required Documents for Vietnam Visa Applications for Indians

To apply for a Vietnam visa, Indians must gather the following materials.

  • An Indian passport with at least six months of validity beyond the date of travel to Vietnam. For the visa stamp, you will need at least two blank pages in your passport.
  • Two images

If you want to apply for a visa upon arrival, you must also present the following papers.

  • Visa on arrival application form duly filled out
  • Appropriate authorisation letter for visa acquisition upon arrival at Vietnam’s airport.
  • Visa on arrival applicants must additionally pay the necessary stamping cost in cash. Remember that this payment must be paid in the official currency of Vietnam, the Vietnamese Dong.

Now that you are aware of the Indian visa requirements for Vietnam, examine the application process in depth.

5/ How do Indian citizens from India apply for a Vietnam visa?

To apply for a Vietnam visa from India, you may either submit your application online or visit the Vietnam embassy in New Delhi.

How to Apply online for a Vietnam e-Visa as an Indian

Here is the step-by-step approach Indian people must follow to apply for an e-Visa online.

Step 1: Navigate to the Vietnam e-Visa application website at .

Step 2: Provide the required personal information and travel details on the application form.

Step 3: Scan the biographical page of your passport and photograph your digital photo. Include them in application form

Step 4: pay the e-Visa charge online using one of the approved digital payment methods.

After completing the form successfully, you will get a unique registration code.

After completing the online Vietnam visa application procedure and waiting three business days, the E-visa will be granted. This E-visa will be sent to you.

Save the visa as a PDF file and bring printed copies with you on your trip. You will be required to submit this E-visa and your passport upon arrival in Vietnam.

Application Procedure at the Vietnamese Embassy in New Delhi (India)

Individuals who prefer the offline method of receiving a Vietnam visa may go straight to the Vietnamese embassy in India to submit an application and obtain a visa.

To apply for a Vietnam visa at the embassy, Indian nationals must do the following steps:

Step 1: Visit the Vietnamese embassy in New Delhi with your passport, visa application documents, and pictures.

Step 2: Submit all essential papers and pay the visa cost when applying for a Vietnam visa as an Indian. Remember that cash is required to pay the visa cost.

Step 3: Return the visa application code and wait for the visa to be processed.

Step 4: Return to the Vietnamese embassy in India on the day of your appointment to get the result.

The embassy of Vietnam in India is situated in New Delhi. Listed below are the address and contact details

Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in India
20 Kautilya Marg, Chanakya Puri, New Delhi – 110021
Tel : +91 11 26879868 – Fax: + 91 11 26879856
Email : or
Website :​/

You may contact us by email at if you have any further questions on the Vietnam visa application for Indians or the application procedures from India. Your email will be answered quickly.


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