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How To Apply For A Vietnam Visa In Cambodia In 2022 – Vietnam Visa For Indians Crossing The Border From Cambodia To Vietnam

Indians in Cambodia may take a flight trip to Ho Chi Minh City or Ha Noi, or just cross the border into Vietnam. However, a visa is necessary for travel into Vietnam with an Indian passport. How can Indians get a Vietnam visa in Cambodia? How do you go from Cambodia to Vietnam? Below you will discover some important information.

1/ How to Apply for a Vietnam Visa in Cambodia in 2022

When Indians visit Siam Rep, Phnom Penh, Sihanouk Ville, and other Cambodian cities, they have two options for obtaining a Vietnam visa.

1.1/ Application for a Vietnam visa for Indians at Vietnam embassies/consulates in Cambodia

This is the traditional route used by all Indians travelling from Cambodia to Vietnam across all borders (airports, land or sea). Indians may travel to Vietnam or cross the border between Vietnam and Cambodia by land or cruise with a visa provided by the Vietnam embassy/consulate in Cambodia.

Application for a Vietnam visa for Indians at the Vietnam embassy/consulate in Cambodia:

Indians in Phnom Penh and surrounding regions should do the following to the Vietnam Embassy in Phnom Penh

Indians in Sihanouk Ville and the surrounding region could visit the Vietnam Consulate in Sihanouk Ville:

Indians in Siam Rep, Battambang, and surrounding regions could visit the Vietnam Consulate in Battambang

Indians should go to the closest location to submit their visa application. Original passport, visa application form, and 3x4cm photograph are needed, and visa processing may take up to 5-7 business days. To save time, Indians can call the Embassy/Consulate ahead of time for visa application procedures.

1.2/ Online Vietnam Visa Application for Indians in Cambodia 2022

Instead of travelling long distances to submit visa applications at Vietnam embassy or consulate offices, Indians in Cambodia may apply for a Vietnam visa online.

Nowadays, Vietnam E-visas are favoured because of their convenience:

  • Indians in Cambodia do not need to go far to the Embassy;
  • no papers are necessary while applying for a Vietnam visa online.
  • Indians may apply for a Vietnam visa in any Cambodian province (only need internet access device)
  • Significant time savings (it takes 3 working days to get Vietnam visa online for Indians)

Procedure for applying for a Vietnam visa online in Cambodia for Indian passport holders:

To begin, Indians in Cambodia should go to this link to access the Vietnam visa application form: , then fill out all required information in the secure online application form, pay, and wait 3 working days for normal service or 1 working day for rush visa to receive the visa via email. It is advised that Indians print out their visas to provide at the time of admission.

India visa online may be utilised to enter Vietnam via international airports, land borders, and seaports. When applying for a Vietnam visa online, Indians in Cambodia must choose an entry port. Indians will be denied admission if they enter Vietnam via a different entry gate than the one used for visa clearance.

Vietnam visa online application may be completed in 5 minutes. Indians may get a Vietnam visa in this manner at any location in Cambodia. As a result, it is currently regarded as the best route to get a Vietnam visa.

2/ How to cross the border from Cambodia to Vietnam 2022

Every day, buses go from Siam Rep and Phnom Penh to Ho Chi Minh City. As a result, many Indians choose to visit Vietnam after ending their tour in Cambodia.

Indians in Cambodia may utilise the Bavet – Moc Bai border crossing, which is the most common Cambodia-Vietnam border crossing. There are also some additional border crossings between Cambodia and Vietnam that Indians may use:

  • Bavet (Cambodia) – Moc Bai (Tay Ninh province), 70km north-west of Ho Chi Minh city;
  • Trapeang Phlong (Cambodia) – Xa Mat (Tay Ninh province), 50km north west of Tay Ninh city;
  • Phnom Den (Cambodia) -Tinh Bien (An Giang province), 25km south-west of Chau Doc city;
  • K’am Samnar (Cambodia) – Song Tien (An Giang province), 30km north of Chau Doc city;
  • Prek Chak (Cambodia) – Ha Tien (Ha Tien province), 6km north-west of Ha Tien town.

Indians must prepare to cross the border from Cambodia to Vietnam.

  • An original passport that is valid for at least 6 months and has at least two blank pages.
  • A valid visa (either granted by a Vietnam embassy/consulate or obtained online)

Indians visiting Vietnam via Cambodia will no longer be required to produce the Covid-19 limitation paperwork beginning in May 2022:

  • Indians are not need to provide a Covid-19 immunisation certificate.
  • Indians DO NOT NEED TO SHOW Declaration of health for Covid-19
  • Indians DO NOT NEED TO SHOW Covid-19 insurance.

There are several buses that go from Cambodia to Vietnam from the morning through the afternoon, particularly on the Phnom Penh – Ho Chi Minh route, making it easier for Indians to cross the border from Cambodia to Vietnam. The most crucial point is that Indians must apply for a visa to Vietnam before embarking on their vacation.

Finally, Indians may apply for a Vietnam visa in Cambodia in two ways: directly at the Vietnam embassy in Phnom Penh or at the Vietnam consulates in Sihanouk Ville and Battambang, or online. These visas will enable Indians to fly or pass borders between Cambodia and Vietnam. Please contact us at for additional details.


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