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Which Travel Agents Process Vietnam Visa For Foreigners?

There are many travel agents can process your visa to Vietnam. You can ask a travel agent in your country, or you can contact a travel agent in Vietnam. Finding a travel agent in your country will make you feel more safer, but it is not always a good choice. All travel agents in other countries, which can do Vietnam visa, also contact the Vietnam travel agents to do Vietnam visa. Therefore, if you use their service, you will be charged more than what you pay if using travel agent in Vietnam. Another point is, Vietnam travel agent is more professional in this field. They have good relationship with the Immigration Department, so they can help you more in some cases.

Choosing a Vietnam Visa Agent to Process Your Visa To Vietnam

So, which travel agent in Vietnam is good for your visa application?

There are hundreds of travel agent in Vietnam which can do Vietnam visa for you. When you search in the internet, you will see a lot of agents, and you don’t know which one is reliable, which one is better. Here is my tip for choosing the good Vietnam visa travel agent for you:

  1. Visa travel agent

When you see their website, you should choose the one which organize visa only. There are some travel agents which combine visa, tour, air ticket, rooms, etc. These companies are not professional in visa. Visa is not their main job, so they will not pay more attention into your visa much.

You should choose the visa agent which sells only visa service.

  1. Price

The price of different travel agent is different. For example, with the same approval letter of 1 month single entry, some travel agents collect 12 USD, 18 USD or even 25 USD. If you don’t pay attention into their price, you will be overcharged. You can use our price to make a comparison.

Some travel agents are not clear with their price. They don’t have price table. Some shows the cheap price, but it is not totally what you pay. When you check the price of a particular travel agent, if there is any hidden fee, or not clear about the price, don’t use that company!

  1. Services

The service is what you expect about travel agent. Of course, you cannot know their service until you use it. But you can know what will happen by the way they work with you. Many travel agents only pay attention to the money they collect from you, so their service is very poor. If you ask them about your demand, you will get a link for applying visa only, or even don’t get response. A good service travel agent will give you the best advise for your visa case, and what you should do.

Another point is service guarantee. A good travel agent will send you back money if you do not satisfy about their service, if you do not get the visa on time, if you are refused to grant visa, etc. All policies will be showed clearly on their website.

  1. Support

Support service is also what you concern. It shows that the travel agent you are contacting is active or inactive, response immediately or difficult to contact, and how professional they are. You can leave the travel agent a message, an email or a chat. If you receive their response quick with the information that you need, you surely can trust in this agent.

After choosing the good travel agent, you just apply online with them.

Procedure: Each travel agent has the different way to work with customer. You can see our procedure for your reference.

  • At first, you click on application page. You are requested to fill out the online application form with your personal information and type of visa. It takes 5 minutes to complete this step.
  • After finishing the application, you will receive the confirmation email about your visa order. You should check the information in this email. If there are any mistake or error, you can ask for revising.
  • 2 working days later, you will get the visa letter through the email that you register before. You print it out and use it to come to Vietnam.

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