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When Should I Apply For Vietnam Visa?

If your country isn’t in the free visa list of Vietnam or you are gonna stay longer than the stay of your free visa, you need to apply for Vietnam visa. So when should you apply for visa before coming to Vietnam?

  1. Visa On Arrival and Electronic Visa (E-visa)

These are two types of online visa which is quite easy and convenient to apply.

For Visa On Arrival:

After 48 hours working time to receive the approval letter via email, you can totally book the flight ticket and arrive in Vietnam to get the stamp visa at the airport.

For E-visa:

After 48 hours working time to receive Vietnam e-visa via email, you should print it out and show it to enter Vietnam.

For both, you can also require express service to make it in shorter time.

So, You need to apply at least 3 days before coming to Vietnam. If you want to apply for it earlier, 6 months before your flight time is the good time to do it, don’t need to make it too early.

We recommend that you could apply for it at least 1 month before taking a flight.


  1. Visa at the Vietnam embassy or consulate in your home-country

You need to go to the Vietnam embassy or consulate in your country and follow the guideline. The way to make it is more complicated, you also need to add more documents if you are required.

Working time: at least 7 days.

To make sure that you have Vietnam visa before arriving, you should apply at least 1 month before your flight time for safety.


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