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Is Vietnam Visa On Arrival A Trustworthy Facility?

Vietnam visa is a must for any tourist taking a trip to Vietnam. The usual route is to get the visa formality done is from Vietnam Embassy which is tedious, time-consuming, forcing people to tamper with regular routine. But now you have the state of the art Vietnam visa on Arrival service that promises a faster and easier visa Vietnam visa service online. You are not needed to physically hit the Vietnam Embassy outlets here as everything would be carried virtually. However, as with most of the new things, this new Vietnam visa on Arrival procedure can strike dubious thoughts for many. You might be wondering whether the new service has got government backing or not & whether it’s trustworthy at all. Well, much to your relief, the Vietnam visa on Arrival procedure is completely trustworthy.

It’s a must to mention here that the Vietnam visa on Arrival procedure has been accredited by Vietnam government itself. The traditional route of attaining Vietnam visa physically from Vietnam Embassy outlets was getting cumbersome and expensive for many. Not only you were needed to waste time and energy at the long Embassy queues- but in many cases the Embassy locations demanded elaborate pricey travels for a lot of people planning trips to Vietnam. Such a scenario discouraged many to visit Vietnam that was a huge blow for Vietnam tourism.

On the other hand, the Vietnam visa on arrival procedure is engineered to make the visa formalities easier so that Vietnam travel is not daunting any more. In this case, you are able to carry the whole process online, right from the comfort of your own home. As you don’t have to wait at the Embassy queues here, the entire process gets done way quicker than before. With the edgy Vietnam visa on Arrival system, you are able to perform the whole thing online- right from visa application to visa service fee payment to receipt of approval letter on your email. The visa companies send their own men to the Embassy office to receive the Vietnam visa approval for you.

With so much ease on offer, the Vietnam visa on arrival facility is really encouraging for travelers willing to visit Vietnam sans the fear of the usual daunting Vietnam visa procedure. It is cost saving as well as here you are saved from the pricey trips to the Vietnam Embassy outlet. Hence, the Vietnam government has readily offered its backing for the Vietnam visa on arrival service. It’s a completely credible procedure, assuring a legit authorized stay at Vietnam.

In fact, the Vietnam visa approval letter that you would receive online would be accredited by the Vietnam Immigration Department. The Vietnam Immigration officers looking after visa on arrival procedure for tourists are also taking care of policing at Vietnam airports & enforcing the travel restrictions. Thus, when you will show the approval letter to Immigration outlet at the Vietnam airport, you would be honorably considered as a legit candidate.

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Getting approval letter for picking up Vietnam visa on arrival at International airports of Vietnam (for international flights only).


Getting approval letter for picking up Vietnam visa on arrival at International airports of Vietnam (for international flights only).

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