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Vietnam Visa On Arrival

Is Vietnam Visa on Arrival Trustworthy ?

One of the most celebrated and cherished values by the Vietnamese government are honesty and faithfulness. In her effort to ensure these values exist, the government has relentlessly been training her staff on the importance of these two values in relation to service delivery. Vietnam is one those nations that you can trust when it comes service delivery.

There are generally two forms of visa application provided by the Vietnam government. These two options are the online application for visa on arrival and the embassy application. Most applicants for a Vietnam visa have obtained their visa on arrival to Vietnam. Hardly, does one heard of complaint regarding a visa failed to be issued on arrival. Sometimes one may be denied his or her visa if there is a difference in details between the passport and the visa letter of approval.

Visa Types
It is always important for any applicant to understand the various types of visa available before making an application. There are generally three types of visa in Vietnam. Of these three types, only a diplomatic visa is one expected not to pay an application fee unless otherwise. Those folks who love adventuring and experiencing new environments usually favor a tourist visa. The number of tourists in Vietnam has been increasing steadily over the years. A recent study shows that the majority of her tourists usually pick visa on arrival. This is evidence that Vietnam’s visa on arrival is trustworthy.

How could have the numbers been increasing if the whole process were shaky? A tourist visa can be picked on arrival at any time of the year in Vietnam. A business visa is best suited for those that are business enthusiasts. Business is one of those fields that you cannot easily predict its future. This visa type can be picked on arrival. The growing number of foreign businesspersons in Vietnam that opted for a visa on arrival is also evidence that the Vietnam’s visa on arrival is trustworthy.

If this process were corrupt, then the nation would be experiencing an influx of businesspersons who pick visa on arrival. A diplomatic visa is granted foreign government officials and those officials from organizations that are government accredited. It has been noted the most diplomatic officials opt for a visa on arrival methodology. Therefore, the Vietnam’s visa on arrival method is trustworthy.
Obtaining a visa

You can either make an online visa application or make an application via the Vietnam embassy. For to make an online application, you must be internet connected. Upon successful log into the website, proceed with the entire process of visa application. This online application form is similar to the one used at the embassy.

After correctly filling in the application form submits and waits for a response. Usually, a visa approved letter is sent to you via mail. You are required to print it out. Upon arriving at the airport, you will be expected to present this letter alongside your original passport.
In summary, the entire application process to the acquisition of visa is trustworthy. At the airport, your documents are verified; if correct, a visa is issued.


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