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Is Vietnam Visa On Arrival A Legitimate Process?

The tourists taking to Vietnam are required to come up with Vietnam visa authorization accredited by Vietnam Immigration to ensure a legitimate stay in the country. Now, the traditional route to attain Vietnam visa is to directly get it from Vietnam Embassy. It’s a time consuming and strenuous process for many. Thus, there is a new Vietnam visa service today which is carried online and is termed as Vietnam visa on Arrival procedure. The new visa service promises a faster and easier route to process Vietnam visa in comparison to the age-old daunting traditional route mentioned above. Now, you might ask that is Vietnam visa on arrival a legitimate process? Well, you would be glad to know that the cutting edge Vietnam visa on Arrival service is a completely legitimate process.

It’s to note here that the very process of Vietnam visa on Arrival service has been approved by the Vietnam Immigration Department. The Vietnam government understands the typical hassles faced by foreign nationals when it comes to getting the Vietnam visa physically through Vietnam Embassy. For many tourists traveling to Vietnam Embassy office is no cakewalk and they have to even book a flight to reach up there. This makes the entire thing extremely cumbersome which in turn discourages many to travel to Vietnam.

The Vietnam visa on Arrival service is an online Vietnam visa procedure which is carried through the website of Vietnam visa companies. These companies are accredited by Vietnam Immigration Department. In this case, you are needed to apply for the visa on the visa company’s website, pay the visa service fee online and receive the visa approval letter within 1-2 business days. After you receive the letter you would need to take a print out of the letter and carry it to Vietnam international airport. You will have the Vietnam Immigration check-in zone at the Vietnam international airports where you can get the visa stamped by showing the print out of the approval letter.

The convenient online Vietnam visa apply & approval facility offered by the Vietnam visa on Arrival service prompts the visa procedure- making the Vietnam travel far easier than before. It carries the potential to encourage more and more travelers to Vietnam that in turn will enrich Vietnam tourism. With all these factors in mind, the Vietnam government has readily accredited the visa on arrival procedure. Just because you don’t need to travel to Vietnam Embassy directly here, does not mean that your online visa won’t be legit. You should know that the online Vietnam visa on Arrival companies send their staffs to the Embassy office to complete the visa formalities on your behalf.

The Vietnam visa on Arrival approval letter that you receive online is always accredited by Vietnam Immigration Department. Besides, when you will reach the Vietnam international airport with the visa on arrival letter, the Immigration officials there would double check your documents prior to stamping the visa on your passport

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Getting approval letter for picking up Vietnam visa on arrival at International airports of Vietnam (for international flights only).


Getting approval letter for picking up Vietnam visa on arrival at International airports of Vietnam (for international flights only).

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