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Xiem Can Pagoda in Bac Lieu province

Located 7km from the Bac Lieu Town, The Xiem Can Pagoda exists itself as the biggest pagoda of Khmer community and the most splendid pagoda in the South Vietnam that feature rich Khmer culture with its unique architecture style.

The impressive architectural design of the central chamber in Xiem Can Pagoda features motifs showing the beauty of culture of Khmer people in its details such as the domes, walls, pillars, doors, and stairs. There are many images of fairies and monsters engraved in the body of pillars. Besides, steps of the stairs were carved with the Nagar Basilisk. Coming to the central chamber of the pagoda, you will clearly feel like stepping into a different world of spirit silence and comfort. Following the two main walls, there are many embossments and wall-paintings, especially the wall-paintings expressing the life of Gautama Buddha from his birthday to his death and the wall-paintings express Ramayama Epic.

In addition to the ancient value, the beautiful pagoda is a place where is preserving a precious cultural value of Khmer people in South Vietnam. Annually, there hold many exciting and unique festivals such as Ok Om Bok, Chol Chnam Thmay, Don Ta, etc. Currently, people feel that the cultural character, which is prosperous and very special, of Khmer people are maintaining and upholding everyday for Vietnamese culture being nicer, richer and more diversified.


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