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Bird Sanctuary in Bac Lieu province

Being famous as one of twelve provinces of the charming Mekong Delta, Bac Lieu is popularly considered not only as a granary, coastal salt-fields but also luxuriant gardens laden full of fruits and trees. Additionally, Bac Lieu homes vast protective forests and precious bird garden imprinted in the memory of visitors of many generations.

Location: Bac Lieu Bird Sanctuary is located in Hiep Thanh Commune, Bac Lieu Town, Bac Lieu Province.

Characteristics: Bac Lieu owns many reserve areas that become one of the most attractive ecological tourist destinations in the Mekong Delta. The some documents of Bac Lieu Bird Sanctuary Nature Reserve state that the province firstly was a costal rich and diversified salt forest floor with the natural salt-marsh ecosystem. As a part of the remaining forest floor along the East Sea, it is increasingly far from the sea due to alluvial deposits. In 1962, it was looked after, protected and controlled by a household. After that, the local government recognized that the area itself is a valuable national treasure and spent investments to preserve it.

The bird garden has a vast area of about 385ha with the natural salt-marsh forest ecosystem, of which there is 19ha of primitive forest. This garden homes about 46 kinds of birds, some of which are in the Red Book such as Giang Sen, small King Cormorant�; 109 kinds of plants belong to 90 lines of 46 descents; 150 kinds of animals, of which there are 58 kinds of fish, 7 kinds of amphibians, 10 mammals, 8 reptiles and some other kinds of animals living together in the same diversified community which needs preservation and development.

Living in the Sanctuary is a diversity of many water birds, mainly teal, stork, heron, night heron and cormorant. Coming to the garden, visitors will have chances to contemplate the beautiful sights of each flock of birds flying for food in the early morning and returning their nests in the Sanctuary in the evening while the night birds start their journeys. For many years passing by, the garden has been becoming a peaceful home where generations of birds are born, usually in the rainy season, and developed. There are currently some 40,000 birds and 5,000 nests, according to preliminary statistics. Birds mostly gather here during the rainy season between May and October.


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