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Puong Cave in Bac Kan province

Located on River Energy, a district of Ba 5 km (3 miles), Puond Cave is a large house of various species of bat, where the river flows through a limestone mountain ranges form. Active length is about 200 m (600 ft), the average height of 25 to 30 m (60 ft) with many shapes, imposing stone columns. In the cave there are tens of thousands of children bats now live and reside. Dong Puong is well-know as a tourist destination of a unique and charming nature.

First Level Falls: River Falls is home adjacent to the Power of Tuyen Quang. Falls First Level has a length of about 2 km (1.25 miles), River Energy is blocked by large boulders stacked with a small slope about 500 m (1.500 ft), forming a spectacular waterfall wonders, mixed with forest landscape to create a memorable impression. Not only that, there also appeared Fried fish (some weighing over 10 kg) is the most rare type of fish present.

Ao Tien: located on the mountain, Ao Tien is a small lake with the width of about 3 ha. Since this area is surrounded by tropical climate here is so cool and fresh all year long. There is a folk tales thatthis is where the fairies in the sky often to bathe and chess.

Waterfall Room: Waterfall Room Quang Thuan commune, Bach Thong district, Bac Kan, located 8 km (5 miles) by road Bac Kan province – Cho Don. Waterfall room included a population of rocks, rivers and mountains are beautiful harmony with natural surroundings of mountains and forests. Falls River Bridge Room is blocked by heaving rocks as long as 1 km (0.6 miles) make interesting landscape. Currently, the Department of Commerce – Tourism Bac Room operators are planning to become tourist destination in the region surrounding Bac Kan town, turning the place into the weekend resort with all kinds of entertainment and recreation , sports, hiking, camping, resort …

Khao Phya: Tourist Khao Phya Cho Don district, where the mild climate, clean environment. The average height above sea level is 800 m (2.400 ft), the warm climate here in winter and cool in summer. Before the French have found a place with beautiful weather and had to think of a cool building here.

Park Kim Hy Nature Reserve: The Kim Hy Nature Reserve Na Ri district with an area of thousands of hectares, the place of storage and conservation of genetic resources of plants and animals rare. It’s also a tourist, ecological research in the future.

The Fairy: Fairy Dong Ha Luong commune, Na Ri district, is a natural cave deep inside the mountain to create a wonderful natural beauty.

Post Falls Na belongs Luong Thanh commune, Na Ri district, is a waterfall flowing from the mountains to a height of 100 m (300 ft) makes a rare natural beauty.


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