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Minh Pagoda in Bac Lieu province

Location: located at Ward 3, Bac Lieu Town, Bac Lieu Province, Minh Pagoda was built by a group of named Minh Huong headed by Tran Thiet Thuan, the chairman of VInh Huong Village. The pagoda was originally constructed from 1890 and completed in 1923.

Minh Pagoda was built in the architecture style of the Chinese palaces in the pre – Minh dynasty. There are three-door gates which are sophisticatedly carved from stones. Two main pillars are engraved with exquisite styles: dragons, clouds, wine gourd following the posture of dragon shrouded by mist. At the façade of the pagoda, walls are banked with many scenes of palatial ancient daily life. You can see a precisely-carved lacquered board hang at the entrance gate; this board was donated by Phuc Kien people in 1922. Additionally, there are many precious items such as the copper incense and 16 types of weapons of the tutelary gods.

The central chamber worships a huge statue, featuring a man wearing his court dress. The worshipping plaque is decorated with wonderful patterns, featuring two dragons attending to the Moon, the sophisticated patterns of apricot, orchid, daisy, ivory bamboo, pine trees. On the right hand side is the worship place for Mr. Bon (Bon Dau Cong Cong). On the left hand side is the worship place for talented people who had spent their lives reclaiming the land.

The pagoda has great traditional and cultural value, especially for local people. For tourists, this is a sacred place where they can feel undisturbed and relaxed to visit.


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