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December 17, 2012
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Tuc Dup Hill in An Giang province

Location: Tuc Dup Hill located in Tri Ton District, belongs to Co To Mountain, An Giang Province.

Characteristics: With a modest height of only 300m, Tuc Dup Hill has a obstacle and dangerous geography with rough cliffs forming caves getting though each other like a bee hive.

In the period of resistance fighting against US imperialists, Tuc Dup Hill became a secret base for Viet Minh soldiers due to its distinctive characteristics together with brave fighting will and wisdom of An Giang people. In the hard time lasting in 128 days, the enemy who had a very powerful military force such as fighting jets, artillery and infantry did not defeat our determined fighting will. Consequently, the US enemy was defeated. Since American spent a sum of money about 2 million dollars on bullets and bombs used for this hill, the hill was later named a terrible name called “2 million – dollar hill”.

From a mostly empty area without tress and phenomena of life due to the war’s effect when the peace was returned, the Tuc Dup Hill becomes vital with trees and becomes a historic site recognized and classified by academic ministry. Located near the splendid Co To Mountain, Tuc Dup Hill is currently crowded of visitors on special holidays so that they can see the war remains, enjoy fresh air and admire ranging mountains. Visitors can also visit C.6 tunnel, cave for medical ward of military, the youth tunnel and the town hall… It deserves to be an ideal amusing place as visiting people prized.


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