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Chan Tien pagoda & the great victory in Bac Giang province

The great victory of Chi Lang – Xuong Giang (Lang Son – Bac Giang) and the Dong Quan oath -taking ceremony (Hanoi) were huge historic events 570 years ago (1427-1997). Two most important characters related to these events were the national heroes Le Loi and Nguyen Trai who were the head of the peasant revolution in Lam Son (Thanh Hoa) in the 15th century against invaders from the North.

Nguyen Trai has been recognized as not only the greatest hero of Vietnam but also one of the world’s great men of culture of humanity. Lasted within more than a month, the Chi Lang – Xuong Giang battle was the clearest witness of the great military art of Nguyen Trai and Le Loi that took place in a vast region ranging from Dong Quan (Hanoi) to the mountain borderlands in the northwest and northeast, chiefly on the Chi Lang (Lang Son) – Xuong Giang (Bac Giang) axis.

The strongest defense of the North aggressors was the Xuong Giang citadel which fell on Sept 28, 1427. On the 10th of October of the same year, Lam Son insurrectionist forces had stroke the commanding officer and the entire enemy first reinforcement column at the foot of Ma Yen – Chi Lang Mountain. The second reinforcement column to the west beat its retreat but was hotly pursued and destroyed by the insurrectionists.

Under those heavy defeats from Le Loi’s troops, the enemy commander-in-chief entrenched at Dong Quan had to surrender and withdraw all his troops out of the country and recognized the independence of Vietnam at the historic Dong Quan oath-taking ceremony. This ceremony was held on December 16, 1427 at Chan Tien Pagoda in Phi Khanh hamlet (Hanoi). Emperor Le Loi conferred the four word title “Nam Phu Nguyen Khanh on the pagoda.

In 1888, the area of pagoda was reformed to become the Hoa Lu prison by the French and changed the name of the Phu Khanh hamlet into Hoa Lo Street. Therefore, the pagoda had to change the location to its present position at No. 15 1, Ba Trieu street, Hai Ba Trung district, Hanoi.

Every year, the pagoda holds a grand ceremony to commemorate the two great national heroes Le Loi and Nguyen Trai and military generals who rendered great service to the nation. On that occasion, there are many visitors from Hanoi and nation wide coming to this pagoda to offer incense and give prayers. Chan Tien Pagoda is now listed as one of the distinct historic and cultural relics of Hanoi.


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