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Let’s Visit Ben Tre Province – Come To The Peaceful Countryside Called The Village Of Coconuts In Mekong Delta

Each region in Vietnam has its own beauty. The North is famous with many historical places and beautiful landscapes, the Middle is famous with many beautiful beaches, islands and mountains. The South has Mekong Delta which is an interesting destination with the peaceful countryside, cultural diversities and honest local people. Besides that, Ben Tre province – the village of coconut is a famous place in Vietnam with many tasty local foods and the peaceful countryside. Especially, you will be diving into the fruit gardens which has many kinds of special fruit in Vietnam.

Let’s come to Ben Tre to see and experience how amazing and attractive it will be.


Where is Ben Tre province?

Ben Tre is a province in Mekong Delta of the South. This destination just takes you about 80 km towards the Southern from Ho Chi Minh city.

How to go to Ben Tre province?

To come to this city of coconut, you need to transit or visit Ho Chi Minh city firstly. You can easily take a domestic or international flight to Tan Son Nhat airport, then you can stay here a few days or take a bus to Ben Tre province right after within only 2 hours.


Futa Busline from Ho Chi Minh city to Ben Tre province

Hotline: 19006067


The climate in Ben Tre province?

The weather in Mekong Delta is warm during the year, the temperature is from 25 to 35 Celsius degree. This region is not affected by typhoons as the Middle and the temperature is not changed a lot as the North.

You can visit and explore this region every season in the whole year. However, rainy season from May to August will also affect a little bit to your trip. In the other side, this is also the great time to experience other interesting things that only this season can bring it to you.


The transportation in Ben Tre province?

This destination is a little more special than other regions that you have come across before. In addition to renting a motorbike to visit many places that you want, you can also find out a bicycle to explore the peaceful countryside, get inside the villages of coconut slowly or walk along the street to see the sunset on the river.

In Ben Tre, you don’t need to be rushed, let’s feel and experience the local life differently with others places in Vietnam.


Where should you stay in Ben Tre province?

Let’s find out somewhere covered by green space or small river to relax the fresh atmosphere in this peaceful countryside.

“Ve Nha” homestay is an amazing place to stay with price cheap. With only 10 USD per one, you can feel free to explore everything in this place and have a comfortable tent to sleep.

From here, you can easily visit many common places in Ben Tre province.


Where should you go in Ben Tre province?

Phung islet

Let’s come to the complex touristic place as Phung islet to experience every characteristic in this countryside. This place is quite famous which brings many incredible experiences to you.

Take a canoe to see the coconut trees along the river

Let’s take a canoe with new friends, ride along the river to feel the fresh atmosphere, peaceful countryside with quiet and serene river. And it is so amazing to enjoy a sweet coconut and talk to other friends.


Ride the bicycle to the peaceful countryside

One more interesting activity is to ride the bicycle to explore the countryside as well as feel the local life. Everything is probably different with your imagination before coming here and the most impressive thing is the friendliness of local people with smile on their face all the time. The honest things always make us feel happy and unforgettable.

Interesting activities in the countryside

Besides that, you will be extremely excited with many funny and crazy activities which make you unforgettable about this place.

Riding the bicycle on the monkey bridge makes you extremely nervous and excited


Rope-walking on the water looks so crazy and excited


Catching fish in water will be probably your first time


Let’s imagine how your feeling will be with these interesting activities, it will be probably unforgettable memories with your friends in Mekong Delta.

Fruit garden in Phung islet

Coming to Ben Tre, you should not miss the fruit garden which is the famous one in Mekong Delta. It will be great to be diving into many kinds of fruit in a big garden such as durian, orange, jackfruit, mango, coconut, mandarin…

You will experience by picking it up yourself and eat right away. It is so amazing to experience new things as local people like this.

Especially, the fruit festival is usually organized every June. This is a special occasion for those who want to explore and experience the regional culture.


In addition, Ben Tre also has many different craft villages which have been kept its traditional beauties for decades. You will have a chance to see and experience the local life through visiting the coconut candy, mat or rice paper craft village…From here, you will know more how they can maintain the craft village for many generations and develop it as a traditional culture in the countryside of Vietnam.


Mat craft village in Nhon Thanh district

Rice paper craft village in Giong Trom district

What to eat in Ben Tre province?

The cuisine in Mekong Delta is so diverse and famous everywhere in Vietnam. Every traveler also desires to enjoy the local foods as much as possible because of the price cheap and attractive tastes. Let’s see some recommendations which are the most characteristic ones in Ben Tre:

Chuoi nep nuong – Grilled sticky rice banana

Banana is a common fruit in the South. It’s mixed with sticky rice, then grilling and use with local coconut milk. The way to make it looks so strange and interesting, its taste makes everyone so excited. This is one of countryside street foods that you should not miss in Ben Tre province.


Kem xoi dua – Coconut sticky rice ice-cream  

Coconut is the most famous fruit in Ben Tre province, so let’s try “coconut sticky rice ice-cream” as a local street food. This food makes many people love it, you are probably one of them.


Banh dua – Coconut cake

It’s quite hard to describe how strange the taste of this food is. This cake is packed by coconut leave, the materials inside are sticky rice, bean, banana… The way to make this cake is not easy because of its traditional taste. There are many people love it and it used to be a part of their childhood memory.


Bun rieu – vermicelli and sour crab soup

You may see this kind of food somewhere in the Middle or the North, but its original taste is from the South, especially in Mekong Delta. This food has many materials and spices to make the soup tasty, let’s try to experience how special it is.


Hu tieu – Clear rice noodle soup

Hu tieu is famous everywhere in Vietnam, the best taste is from Mekong Delta, so it will be a great experience to try the original “Hu tieu” in Ben Tre province. Most of soup noodles in Mekong Delta have its own characteristic, so special and attractive.

Lau mam – Vietnamese seafood gumbo hotpot

Lau mam is the special food in this region, it’s not easy to find out somewhere delicious like Mekong Delta. This special taste is from the countryside, the way to make is complicated, the materials are so diverse and different with other foods, that’s why “Lau mam” will be one of local foods that you should try.


Banh xeo – Vietnamese crepe

Banh xeo is a familiar food which is famous in many countries, not only in Vietnam. It will be much more interesting to try its original taste in Mekong Delta, especially in Ben Tre province. Let’s try making it with local people and experience its taste to know the difference with other places.

Ben Tre still have many interesting things waiting for you to keep visiting. Let’s feel free to experience what you like, especially open your heart to welcome new things, feel the peaceful village with honest local people who make every traveler misses a lot. Hope you have a memorable trip with above helpful information.


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