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Phu Yen Province – A Desert And Potential Beauty In Vietnam

The Middle of Vietnam has come across many adversities from typhoons every year, is the place just mentioned about sadness and pain by difficulties in the local life. Magically, this region has many majestic, vast and wonderful beauty which is given by nature. Especially, the countryside is still an inspirational theme for those who you love peace and decide to visit.

Phu Yen – a special destination that you should try visiting when you go to the Middle. This province is not a touristic place, although it is so nearby Nha Trang and Quy Nhon city – two famous cities in the Middle. Phu Yen is like a potential jewel which isn’t still found, so the natural and desert landscapes will definitely make you really excited and attractive. Let’s see and try to visit this place as much as you can.

Useful information

How to go to Phu Yen?

Phu Yen is between Nha Trang and Quy Nhon city, but the tourism is not really developed. However, you will also easily take a flight to Tuy Hoa airport (the central city of Phu Yen province) from Ho Chi Minh or Ha Noi city. The airlines still have flights every day, you can take your time to go whenever you want.

tuy hoa airport – phu yen province

In addition, if you want to contemplate the landscapes along this S shaped country, you can take a train or a bus from every city to Phu Yen.

The climate in Phu Yen

Phu Yen is also the area affected a lot by typhoons every year, so you need to consider to visit here from September to December, this time is in the rain season.
The dry season or sunny season is from January to August, this time is so great for you to explore many beautiful places.

The temperature is about 25-35 Celsius degree. The weather is quite hot but still comfortable because it is nearby beaches, less polluted than big cities and the traffic is not busy, so you will feel free to experience this peaceful city.

sunny season in phu yen is from January to August

The transportation in Phu Yen

There are so many beautiful places, but it is not in the same area, so the best way to explore everywhere is to rent a motorbike in the central, then you just need to follow google map and visit one by one. The traffic here is not totally busy, you will feel free and comfortable to drive without any worry.

Motorbike for rent: 100.000 – 150.000 VND/day (4-6 USD/day)
Recommendation: 31 Tran Qui Cap street, Ward 3, Tuy Hoa city

Where should you stay in Tuy Hoa city?

Although this province is not a touristic place like others, but it is also a favorite destination of many Vietnamese people, so you will easily choose a good place to stay in the city central with cheap price and good service.

With only 100.000 – 150.000 VND (4-6 USD), you will have a comfortable dorm bed and only 350.000 – 500.000 VND (15-20 USD) to have your own private room. The location is nearby the beach, it is so amazing for you to swim, see the sunrise and sunset.

May Homestay – 10 Nguyen Dinh Chieu street, Ward 7, Tuy Hoa city.

Where should you go in Phu Yen?

Ghenh Da Dia

The first destination should be Ghenh Da Dia – the most famous place in Phu Yen province. It will take you about 35 km towards the Northern from the city central.

Ghenh Da Dia is a seashore area of uniformly interlocking basalt rock columns located along the coast. The shape of rocks is totally natural without any artificial impact. Its natural beauty makes this place special and characteristic.

Sunrise and sunset moments are the most beautiful time to see the beauty of this place to the fullest. A windy sunset afternoon, some boats far away and the sound of waves are like picturesque. You will feel like lost somewhere dreamy and very far away.

sunset in Ghenh Da Dia – phu yen province

Mang Lang church

Mang Lang church will take you about 30 km towards the Northern from the city central, it is on the way to go to Ghenh Da Dia, so visitors usually combine these two places together. This church is one of the most ancient churches in Vietnam, it has been established for over 120 years with a depth of cultural history, so this place is quite interesting for those who like to explore history. Let’s visit and feel it.

Cau go Ong Cop – Ong Cop wooden bridge

Ong Cop is the name of a wooden bridge. It will take you 30 km from the city central towards the Northern. This place is quite new and even strange with the local people.

This wooden bridge is on a serene river, it leads everyone to the countryside from the route. The most interesting of this bridge is to make everyone scary because of its shaking while driving or walking through it, however, it is still okay. Standing on this bridge, you will feel the peaceful atmosphere here, see the river, the mountains, the whole space is surrounded by green of a quiet countryside. Let’s visit here to feel how simple and serene it is, you may like it.

Bai Xep – The paradise is forgotten

Bai Xep is in Tuy An ward, it will take you about 15 km towards the Northern from Tuy Hoa city.

Phu Yen also has a beautiful name – called “The land of yellow flowers on the green grass”. Yellow flowers, green grass, blue beaches, white sand and peaceful atmosphere make Bai Xep look like picturesque.
Bai Xep is suitable for those who really love peace, you won’t know the reason why you like to stay there for a long time and don’t want to leave.
Somewhere beautiful like this, if you have someone special to go and enjoy with, it is so happy and memorable.
This place is not probably for those who love noise, it is not interesting to see the bustling place with many people. So you don’t need to be rushed, this place is for you, let’s experience and feel Bai Xep – the paradise is forgotten.

Van Hoa highland

Phu Yen doesn’t only have beaches, but also have a very dreamy and peaceful place that many people still don’t know to visit – Van Hoa highland.
This place will take you 35 km towards the Northwestern. There is no tourism company which impacts to Van Hoa highland, so everything is still natural and desert.

Van Hoa highland highs 400 meter above sea level, so the atmosphere is so cool, warm and fresh. There are majestic mountains, diverse ecosystem with many kinds of animal and fruit, you will feel extremely comfortable to enjoy the magic of nature. Peace and silence will make you forget every worry. Let’s come to see it.

Mui Dien – Easternmost of Vietnam

Mui Dien will take you about 30 km towards the Southern from the city central. On the way to Mui Dien, you will be so excited to see the beauty of this city – everything is so desert and wonderful with many mountains and beaches.

Mui Dien is a great destination that you should experience to feel completely the beauty of this land. Standing on the lighthouse, opening your eyes to the clearest and see everything here – the high view with vast beaches and majestic mountains, it’s really emotional and relaxed. Especially, you are in the Easternmost of Vietnam – an expected destination of many Vietnamese people. Somewhere beautiful like this but there are not many people, it would be amazing to feel free and enjoy your trip.

Phu Yen is only an attractive and wonderful place for those who like to travel and dare to explore, but not easy for those who really desire to go without any difficulties – the reasons are from the tourism service, transportation, tour guide… At the present, it is still desert and natural, that’s the most magical thing of this place. If you are bored with touristic places, let’s try to visit here. It will be so amazing if you have a Vietnamese friend to go with, you will enjoy Phu Yen to the fullest.


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