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Hue City – A Beautiful Destination In The Middle Of Vietnam That Travellers Should Not Miss

Mentioning about Vietnam, the attached image with this country is probably “war”. Due to the wars, the beauty of Vietnam is also attached with many interesting and unique structures.

Recent years, Vietnam has become a developed tourism country with many beautiful and ideal destinations because of diverse cuisines, many World Heritage Sites, cultural characteristics… And Hue city – a beautiful destination in the Middle of Vietnam will bring many interesting things with a depth of historical stories, unique structures and many attractive landscapes to you. Let’s see what makes many people love this city.

Where to go in Hue city?

Citadel Hue

This place should be the first destination in your plan. You will be attracted and interested in its ancient beauty and unique structures. “Citadel Hue” is one of historical places in Hue which is in validation about the World Heritage Sites.

This place still keeps many characteristics of feudal dynasty, used to be the working place of kings with others as well as the living space of queens, kings, princes…

If you are lost in this vast place, you will be really free to explore everything and surprised of where many people have been building and creating a very beautiful and valuable characteristic for Hue city.


Thien Mu pagoda

This place is also one of destinations that you should not miss in Hue city. Great experience is not in where you are going to go and see, it’s also from the way to reach it. On the way to Thien Mu pagoda, if you are not rushed, you should go slowly and enjoy the peaceful beauty of serene Huong river along the way to the pagoda.

Coming to the pagoda, you will be diving into the beautiful landscape. Huong river’s serene flow will make you forget every sadness and feel really peaceful.

This place will take you about 4km from the city central.


Hue high school for the Gifted

One more interesting place about unique structures of this land is “Hue high school for the Gifted”. This school is on Le Loi street – the main street along Huong river. It was established in 1896 and is the place where Ho Chi Minh president studied when he was a high school student.

This school has a very unique structure with red which is the main color and a wide yard surrounded by many trees. Especially, if you visit here after 4 PM, you will really love its peaceful beauty and feel free to explore everything in this school.

Take note:

You should come here every Sunday or after 5 PM from Monday to Saturday to make sure that there is no student here.


Khai Dinh mausoleum

Mausoleum is one of the characteristics in Hue city. You don’t need to go somewhere too far, just be lost in any mausoleum – you will be extremely excited to see the beautiful and unique structures as Khai Dinh mausoleum. It is enough to make you surprised of its mysterious beauty and love it a lot.

This is the place where Khai Dinh king is buried, it has many interesting shapes with ingenious sculpt. Besides that, you will also see the beautiful and majestic overview which surrounds Khai Dinh mausoleum.

Price ticket: 100.000 VND/one (4 USD/one)


Tu Duc mausoleum

Tu Duc Mausoleum is also one of famous mausoleums and worthy to experience once in Hue city. The structure is totally different with Khai Dinh mausoleum and has its own characteristics. The whole Tu Duc mausoleum is surrounded by many trees and there is a big lotus lake in the middle. Besides that, its ingenious structures will surely make you so curious and attractive. Let’s come to explore this mysterious place.

Price ticket: 100.000 VND/one (4 USD/one)

In addition to many places in the central, there are still many interesting places with beautiful view which makes you extremely excited as below:

Tam Giang lagoon and Thuan An beach

You may need to look for somewhere to change the atmosphere after exploring many mausoleums or pagodas in the central. Hue has a beautiful beach called Thuan An and it’s not too far from the central (about 13km). Walking along this beach will be an interesting experience to feel its beauty.

Thuan An beach

Next to Thuan An beach is Tam Giang lagoon which is an ideal destination that you should not miss in Hue city, in case you still have time. This place is the biggest lagoon in Southeast Asia – it has peaceful, desert and serene beauty. It will be so amazing to take a small boat to see the sunset or go around Tam Giang lagoon.

Tam Giang lagoon


Bach Ma national park

This destination will definitely make you so excited because of its wonderful and majestic beauty. Bach Ma national park takes you about 40km from Hue city towards the Southern, you can also take a motorbike or rent a car to this place.

There will be a 16-seat car which takes you to somewhere nearby the top, then you just need to walk to the top within only 20-30 minutes.

At the top of Bach Ma mountain, you will be lost in the paradise which is surrounded by many clouds and diverse ecosystem. The free feeling will make you unforgettable about this place. In addition, when you will be trekking to go down, there are some beautiful lakes and streams, its beauty is also an interesting thing for you to experience in Bach Ma national park.


Thuy Tien lake

This lake has a peaceful beauty with quiet and fresh atmosphere. The most attractive thing of this place is an abandoned water park with many mysterious things which make you feel so curious and nervous. Let’s come to experience how attractive it is.


Walk along Huong river and Truong Tien bridge in the Hue city central

One more interesting thing is to know more how to feel this city slowly with its real beauty. In order to do that, let’s try walking along Huong river or Truong Tien bridge to feel everything in this peaceful city. These two images look like the symbols of Hue which make everyone miss it as beautiful memories.


Where is Hue in Vietnam?

Hue is a province in the Middle of Vietnam, it just takes you about 90km from Da Nang city towards the Northern.


The climate in Hue city

Hue has two obvious season: sunny and rainy season.

From April to August, the weather is quite hot with the temperature around 33-36 Celsius degree. However, this time is also an ideal moment to easily explore Hue city.

The most beautiful time is from January to March. The weather is so warm or even a bit cold, the temperature is around 25 Celsius degree.

From September to December, there will be heavy rains and even typhoons in the Middle of Vietnam, Hue is also affected. Therefore, you should consider to visit Hue in this season, it is quite sad to not able to visit anywhere. However, it still has its own beauty in rainy season, you may love it.

How to go to Hue city?

Hue doesn’t have international flights, so you have to come to Vietnam through the international airports such as Tan Son Nhat airport (Ho Chi Minh city), Da Nang airport (Da Nang city), Noi Bai airport (Ha Noi city) …

If Hue is probably one of the destinations in your plan, you can easily take a domestic flight from everywhere to Hue city.

Besides that, you can also take a train from every province to Hue train station.

In addition, if Da Nang and Hoi An are two attractive destinations in the Middle of Vietnam that you are going to visit, don’t miss Hue. From Da Nang, the bus just takes you 2 hours.

Hue airport

Transportation in Hue

You can rent a bicycle with only 30.000 VND/day (1 USD/day) to go somewhere not too far.

However, you can also rent a motorbike to save your time, but it’s quite rushed to enjoy the beauty of this serene city.

Motorbike for rent: 100.000 VND/day (4 USD/day)

In addition, one more characteristic transportation in Hue city is cyclo. You will see it everywhere on the street, it’s easy to ask for the price and go around the city to explore the local life as well as the beauty of Hue city.


Where should you stay in Hue city?

Hue is a developed tourism city with affordable price. With only 4 USD, you will have a very comfortable and clean dorm bed to stay in the central. And if you want to own a private room, you just need to spend about 15-20 USD. This price included breakfast.


Shark Hostel – 1/28 Vo Thi Sau street, Phu Hoi Ward, Hue city.


There will be many attractive places which are waiting for you to explore. Hope that Hue city will be a destination which brings many incredible and amazing experiences about the unique structures, beautiful landscapes, peaceful beauty and many friendly as well as honest local people to you.

Besides that, the cuisine of Hue is also a very interesting that you should enjoy as much as you can. You can search more detailed information via website to know what you should try in Hue city.


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