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[Vietnam visa 2021] – Vietnam Tourist Visa Application Experience For Americans 2021 – Self-sufficient Travel

Self-sufficient applying for a Vietnam visa today is no longer as difficult as it used to be. Therefore, I encourage you to make your own Vietnam tourist visa instead of submitting it to a US visa service company. Please prepare the documents and follow the instructions for self-sufficient visa below, the procedure will not be difficult at all.

  1. Procedure for self-sufficient applying a Vietnam tourist visa at Vietnamese embassies or consulates in the United States

a/ Where to apply for a Vietnam tourist visa?

In the US, there is now an embassy in Washington and 2 consulates in Houston and San Francisco. You can go to one of these 3 offices to apply for a visa:

Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in the United States America
1233 20th Street, NW, Suite 400, Washington, DC 20036
Phone: (202) 861-0737 – Fax: (202) 861-0917
For consular emergency: (202) 739 1666; (202) 716-8666
Email: (for general information)
Consular: consular affairs)
Website :

Consulate General of Vietnam in Houston, Texas, USA

5251 Westheimer Rd, Suite 1100, Houston, Texas 77056, United States

Tel: 713-850-1233 | 713-840-0096

Fax: 713-840-0159 | 713-871-0312

Website :

Consulate General of Vietnam in San Francisco
Adress: 1700 California St, Suite 580 San Francisco, CA 94109
Phone: (+415) 9221707 or (+415) 9221577
Fax: (+415) 9221848 or (+415) 9221757

Vietnam consulate in San Francisco

b/ Types of Vietnam tourist visa you can self-sufficient apply

Vietnam tourist visas have four basic types to apply: Short-term visas are valid for one month or three months, and long-term visas are valid for six months or a year. Both types can enter once or multiple times. Depending on your purpose, you can choose the type of visa you need. If you apply for a Vietnam tourist visa self-sufficient travel for the first time, you should apply for a short-term single entry visa.

Short-term visas one month single entry / multiple entry: The visa validity is 30 days from the date showing on the visa application (not the actual entry date)

Short-term visas three months single entry / multiple entry: The visa is valid 87 days from the date showing on the visa application (not the actual entry date).

c/ Documents for self-sufficient application of Vietnamese tourist visas

To apply for a Vietnam tourist visa, you need to submit the following:

  • Passport valid for more than 6 months
  • Visa application form. You can pick it up at the embassy or consulate and fill it out.
  • Two 3×4 cm photos taken in the last 6 months. The requirements of the photo are: white background, no hat, no glasses, taken as picture in your passport.

In addition, in some cases you will be required to provide:

  • Round-trip air ticket: When applying for a self-sufficient tourist visa, you must have a confirmation of a return flight ticket for the embassy to trust you to travel to Vietnam and return to the US exactly what you are asking for.
  • Hotel reservation confirmation: Booking dates, airline tickets and travel schedules match.
  • Travel itinerary: Trip schedule as specific as possible. Including arrival date, departure date, hotels, tourist attractions.

d/ How long is the Vietnam tourist visa valid for?

Unlike other countries, Vietnam tourist visas are valid from the date you register as the entry date on the visa application. For example, you travel to Vietnam on November 1st  and return on December 1st . Although you apply for a visa and are granted a visa from June 1st , your visa will only be valid from November 1st  to December 1st .

You should also note that, if you apply for a single entry visa, the visa will expire right after you exit. If you apply for a multiple entry visa, it can still be used for next visits if the visa period remains.

  1. Procedure for self-sufficient applying a Vietnam tourist visa at Vietnamese airports

Currently, in addition to applying for a visa at a Vietnamese embassy or consulate in the United States, US citizens can apply for a visa directly at the airport when they arrive in Vietnam. This visa is called visa on arrival. Applying for a visa at the airport will save you a lot of time and money.

a/ Where to apply for visa on arrival?

Currently all major airports in Vietnam have visa on arrival counter. After landing at the airport, you just need to come to this on arrival visa counter and submit all the documents to receive the visa.

List of Vietnamese airports that Americans can get visas on arrival:

  1. Noi Bai international airport in Hanoi city
  2. Tan Son Nhat international airport in Ho Chi Minh city
  3. Cam Ranh international airport in Nha Trang city
  4. Da Nang international airport in Da Nang city
  5. Cat Bi international airport in Hai Phong city
  6. Phu Quoc international airport in Phu Quoc island
  7. Lien Khuong airport in Da Lat city

visa on arrival counter in Da Nang airport

b/ Visa application for Vietnam tourist visa on arrival for Americans

To obtain a visa on arrival, you must prepare the following:

  • Passport valid for more than 6 months.
  • The visa on arrival application form (also called entry and exit form, NA1 form). You can get it at the airport or download it online.
  • Two 3×4 cm photos taken in the last 6 months. The requirements of the photo are: white background, no hat, no glasses, taken as picture in your passport.
  • Visa approval letter (copy, printed)

The above three documents you can easily get, but the letter of approval you must go to the website of the representative appointed by the Immigration Department of Vietnam to apply. Applying for approval letter is also very simple.

Visa approval letter

c/ Where and how to apply for visa approval letter?

Step 1: Click on the link below and fill in the personal information as well as the type of visa you need to apply.

Step 2: Pay online and receive email confirmation. After completing the payment, you will receive an email confirmation of your visa order.

Step 3: Receive the approval letter. Approval letter will be emailed to you. After receiving, you check the information and print it out. Then use it together with the above documents to get a visa at the airport.

Hopefully the sharing of experience in applying for a Vietnam tourist visa on your own will help you in the process of owning a visa to Vietnam. Have a nice trip!


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