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[Vietnam Visa 2021] How To Apply 1-Month Tourist Visa – Evisa and Visa On Arrival

All visitors who are looking for a short trip to Vietnam always want to know what kind of visa they should apply, and how to apply that kind of visa. In fact, Vietnam visa is divided into many types, but the minimum of stay is 30 days. So, even you need 2 days, 3 days, 4 days or 5 days visiting Vietnam, you also need to apply 1-month visa. Let’s see how to apply Vietnam 1-month tourist visa in the content below:

If you need a 1-month Vietnam visa, you can consider two options: Evisa and visa on arrival

  1. Applying an electronic visa

Evisa is the best option for those who are eligible to apply this kind of visa. The reason is:

  • Easy application: Just need to fill out the online application form, and get visa result through email.
  • Short processing time: It takes only two working days for processing and get approval.
  • Simple documents: Only passport copy and digital photo are required.
  • No queuing at embassy or airport: All procedures are processed online. No need to come to embassy or consulate. No need to wait at the airport for visa issuance.

Evisa program is opened in 2017, it is single entry visa and valid maximum 30 days. With this Evisa, you can enter less than 30 days or up to 30 days. It is the best option mostly because its convenience. In stead of coming to Vietnam embassy or consulate and submit visa application, you only need to submit online and get result online. It saves a lot of time and money. Moreover, you also don’t need to get line at the airport for waiting visa issuance like visa on arrival.

However, up to now, there are only 80 countries and 2 territories which can apply Vietnam evisa. If you are in this list, you can easily apply and get an Evisa. If not, you should consider the second options.

List of countries can apply Vietnam Evisa.

In order to apply Evisa, you should prepare a passport photo (you can scan your passport information page or take picture) and a digital photo. You also need to have a valid email to receive Evisa.

Step 1: Click here to access application page

Step 2: Fill out all necessary visa information

Step 3: Upload your passport photo and digital photo

Step 4: Make payment and get email confirmation

After two working days process, Evisa will be sent to your email. It is an PDF file, you just need to print it out and bring it to show when entering Vietnam.

  1. Applying a visa on arrival at the airport

Visa on arrival is type of visa you get when you arrive at the airport. This type of visa is used for all countries, so if you are not eligible for Evisa, you can apply visa on arrival.

Visa on arrival not only allows you to enter up to 1 month, but also you can enter single or multiple time. However, it is accepted through airports only, so make sure that you come to Vietnam by airplane.

In order to get visa on arrival, you must pass through two steps: Online application to get visa approval letter and getting visa at the airport.

Step 1: Online application to get visa approval letter

This step is mostly the same with online application to get Evisa. You also need to access and fill out online application form, but you don’t need to upload any documents. Just use your personal information and fill out. It takes about 3 minutes to complete.

You must apply visa approval letter first

The approval letter is not the actual visa. It is the document which approves you to get visa at the airport. It is processed within 2 working days, and will be sent to your email as well.

Step 2: getting visa at the airport

When you arrive Vietnamese airport, you have to come to “visa upon arrival counter” to get visa. You must submit documents there:

  • Original passport (Valid more than 6 months and have at least 2 blank pages)
  • Approval letter (print out, black and white copy)
  • 2 pictures sized 3×4 cm
  • Entry and exit form
  • 25 USD for visa stamp fee

visa on arrival counter in Da Nang airport

After all, the Immigration official will stick visa onto your passport, and you officially have Vietnam visa.

1-month tourist visa is not difficult to get. The procedure is mostly online, so it saves time for you. However, you should apply it 7 – 10 days before your arrival days to avoid unexpected risks.


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