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[Vietnam Visa 2021] Procedure Applying Vietnam Business Visa For South Africans Without Any Documents, 99.9% Passing Rate

Vietnam business visa is a visa issued to the representative or staff of a company in South Africa to Vietnam for commercial purposes. Previously, the Vietnamese business visa required a lot of complicated paperwork, but now South African entrepreneurs can easily apply for a Vietnam business visa without having to prepare any documents.

  1. How long is the Vietnam Business Visa for South Africans valid?

At the moment, South Africans can apply for two types of business visas: one valid for one month and one valid for three months. For both of these two categories, applicants can apply for single or multiple entry. Depending on your purpose of work and work schedule, you can choose the appropriate visa type.

3-month multiple entry Vietnam business visa

  1. Can Vietnam business visa be applied for more than once?

Due to the need for work, many South Africans need to come to Vietnam for a long time. However, currently South Africans can only apply for a maximum of 3 months, so many South African businessmen wonder if it is possible to apply for a new business visa for the next visits?

The answer is possible. South African citizens can apply for many business visas to Vietnam, and in particular, can apply for a new visa when the old visa is still valid. That means you can enter Vietnam with a visa, and while the visa is still valid, you can still apply for a new visa. However, you need to exit when the old visa expires and re-enter with the new visa.

  1. Documentation requirements when applying a business visa for South African citizens

Businessmen in South Africa who come to Vietnam for commercial purposes should apply for a visa on arrival. This type of visa is got at the airport, and it very convenient, because:

  • No need to prepare any documents for approval letter: Instead of having to prepare many documents to prove your purpose of coming to Vietnam, you just need to apply online, fill out the online application, and do not need to prepare any documents.
  • Save time: It only takes about 5 minutes to complete the business visa application form online. This helps you save a lot of time.
  • Save money: Applying for an online visa is cheap, in addition to saving a lot of effort and travel expenses.
  • Fast processing time: Within 2-3 working days, you get visa results.
  • High pass rate: South African businessmen apply for a Vietnamese business visa with a high pass rate. With over 10 years of experience in applying for a business visa for South African citizens, we realized that there have been no cases of visa failures on our website.

Applying Vietnam business visa online does not require complicated documents

  1. Ways and procedures to apply for an online business visa for South African citizens

First, you need to visit the link below to get a letter of approval. This is a document from the Immigration Department of Vietnam, which allows you to get the business visa at the airport. It takes about 5 minutes to complete the sections of this online visa application.

After about 2-3 business days, you will receive the results via email. Check the information on the approval letter and print it out. It should be noted that the processing time of business visas for South Africans is not long, but you should apply for a visa at least 10 days before departure to ensure a safe schedule. In case you need an emergency visa, you can also select the emergency visa service via the link above.

Online application for Vietnam business visa

On the day of entry into Vietnam, bring the letter of approval, your passport, two 3×4 cm photos, and fill out an immigration application at the airport. After submitting the above documents to customs officers, you also need to pay visa fees in cash: US $25 for single entry and US $50 for multiple entry.

After completing the above steps, the customs officer will paste the business visa on your passport. At this time, you can enter Vietnam.

  1. Vietnam Airport fast track support service for South African businessmen

Due to the urgent need for work and time, many South African businessmen want to save maximum time at the airport. They want to quickly get a visa and quickly enter Vietnam without waiting in line.

Currently, Vietnam Immigration Service provides airport assistance at all Vietnam airports. When using this service, a staff will pick you up at the visa counter, apply for the visa and get visa quickly for you. At the same time, you also do not need to queue for immigration process. You will be going through the VIP door to enter quickly.

To register for this service, you only need to select the airport assistance service in the online application form when you apply for visa. All you need to do is fill in your flight information, including flight number, arrival airport, and arrival time.

Airport fast track support service

In summary, the application for a Vietnam business visa is quite simple, especially South Africans with a very high passing rate. If you are preparing for a business trip to Vietnam, you should follow the above guidelines to get yourself a letter of approval before setting foot in Vietnam. Besides, you will save a lot of costs and time when using online services. Wish you have an effective business trip to Vietnam.


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