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What To Know About The Vietnam Business Visa For Canadians In 2021?

Struggle with the complicated application process for a Vietnam business visa? Have no idea what is a visa on arrival? Can I apply for an electronic visa? Is applying for a Vietnam tourist visa expensive? If you are a Canadian businessman or businesswoman, this blog is a more-than-enough answer for you to gain insights into how to obtain a Vietnam business visa for Canadians in 2021.

Vietnam visa exemption for Canadians

Currently, Canada has not yet had a free-visa agreement with the Vietnam government, meaning that Vietnam visa exemption does not apply to Canadians. Canadian businessman or businesswoman longing to travel to Vietnam for working purposes must apply for a valid visa.

What to prepare before applying for a Vietnam business visa?

To apply for a Vietnam tourist visa, your Canadian passport has to meet the entry requirements as below:

  • The Canadian passport has to be valid for a minimum of 06 months beyond the arrival date.
  • The Canadian passport has to have at least 02 blank pages for a visa stamp.

Other documents are also required, depending on the way you apply for a Vietnam visa, which will be explained in detail in the following parts.

How can I apply for a Vietnam business visa?

There are three ways for Canadians to apply for a Vietnam business visa: apply through Embassy or General Consulate, visa on arrival and electronic visa.

Through the Vietnam Consulate General or Embassy

  • Visit the Vietnam Consulate General or Embassy office to obtain the form or you can download the form online from the Vietnam government website. You can find the address of these offices below.
  • Fill in the form as the guidance.
  • Pay the application fee and submit the form along with your passport by re-visiting the Consulate or Embassy office or sending by post.
  • Receive your application result.


Address and Contact Information of Vietnam Embassy in Canada
Address  55 MacKay Street, Ottawa, K1M 2B2, Canada
Phone (613) 236 0772
Fax (613) 236 2704
Hotline 613-700-4779 or 613-882-6699
Email or


Address and Contact Information of Vietnam Consulate General in Canada
Address  800-605 Robson Street, Vancouver, BC V6B5J3, Canada
Phone (+1) 604-629-0189
Fax (+1) 604-681-2906
Email or

Documents required:

  • Vietnam visa application form: You can download the form online or directly get it at the Consulate General or Embassy.
  • 02 personal photos taken with a white background (size 3x4cm and taken within 06 months).
  • Copies of documents proving your entering Vietnam, for example, airline tickets, hotel reservation confirmation, and so forth.

Visa on Arrival

  • Choose the one of the professional Vietnamese visa agencies to process your visa on arrival application. You can click here for reference
  • Provide needed information and pay the service fees for the approval letter (this fee for the agency are refundable in case your visa is not approved)
  • Print the approval letter out after receiving it from the agency as it is required to show the letter during plan boarding.
  • When arriving at one of the international airports in Vietnam, find the visa upon arrival counter by following the direction signboards, then submit the letter along with your passport.
  • Obtain the visa stamp on your passport.

After landing at one of the international airports in Vietnam, make your way to the visa on arrival desk to have the visa stamped upon your Canadian passport.

Documents required:

  • To obtain the visa approval letter: Follow your agency’s guidance on what information is needed (for example, your full name, nationality, date of birth, passport number, etc.)
  • To obtain the visa stamp at Vietnam international airport: visa approval letter and visa application form.

Apply online for an Electronic visa

  • Submit your visa application via the Vietnam Government website or through a Vietnamese E-visa agency. You can click here for reference
  • Fill in all the required information and upload the scanned photo and passport of yours.
  • Pay for the application fee (An email for payment confirmation will be sent out by email).
  • If you got approved, follow the instructions and print out your visa.

Documents required:

  • A scanned copy or a photo of your passport (must be a clear, identifiable, and high-quality copy).
  • A scanned personal photo (600×400 pixel and taken within 06 months).
  • Your Visa Card or MasterCard (for paying the visa fees).

What are the differences among three ways to apply for a Vietnam business visa for Canadians?

Processing time

The processing time varies based on the way of applying for a Vietnam business visa for Canadians. When applying through the Vietnamese Consulate General or Embassy, you can receive your result within 05 and 07 working days. While E-visa and visa on arrivals only take you two days to receive your visa or approval letter.

Visa application fee

If you apply for a Vietnam business visa for Canadians through the Embassy or Consulate General, directly ask the staff for the detailed information of application fee.

If you apply for a business visa on arrival for Canadians, the stamping fee costs you US $25 for single entry and US $50 for multiple entry. Along with that, you also pay for the service fee for the agency for the approval letter; this fee will usually be ranging from $75 to more than $90 (depending on the agency’s reputation and your desired processing time).

If you apply for a business electronic visa, you will be charged US $55 as an obligatory application fee.

Advantages & disadvantages of each way to apply for a Vietnam business visa

Through the Vietnam Consulate General or Embassy

Those applying through the Vietnam Consulate or Embassy can gain benefit from a considerably higher success as the process being conducted directly from the Vietnam government. In addition, you can also apply for different types of visa, whether a single or multiple entry.

However, this way of applying for a visa takes a longer time compared to others, and it also depends on the schedule of Vietnamese Consulate or Embassy preparation. Obviously, travelling back and forth can never be an ideal choice for those who are living remotely from Ottawa or Vancouver. You may have to handle more paper works due to a lot of required documents.

Visa on Arrival

Needless to say, an on-arrival visa can assist Canadians in getting the result faster. Less efforts is also a plus here as the agency usually takes care of most of the complicated process.

It is highly recommended to consider thoroughly before picking the agency for the visa on arrival service. You surely do not want to suffer from scam or unprofessional service that lead to undesirable risks. Besides, be patient when you have to line up in a long queue for stamping a visa when the airport is on a busy day.

Apply online for an Electronic visa

With an aim to overcome the defects of the above types of visa application, E-visa is really time-saving and affordable and still ensures a quick process. Moreover, you also have your visa on hand before arriving in Vietnam, which will be much assured.

With your personal computer or phone and access to the Internet, you can now process your visa application by your own everywhere at any time.

But an E-visa is only applicable for only one entry with a maximum length of 30 staying days.

Key Takeaway on a Vietnam business visa for Canadians

One of the most significant concerns for Canadians when applying for a Vietnam business visa is the great amount of information. With the compiling key points in this blog, you can certainly decide which application type is most accessible to start the process from now.

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