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[Vietnam Visa 2021] How Australian Passport Holder Get A Vietnam Visa? Electronic Vietnam visa, Visa On Arrival For Australians

Currently, with the opening policy to attract tourists and international investors, Vietnam is simplifying visa policy procedures for most countries, including Australia. Australia passport holders can now apply for visas to Vietnam easily via the electronic visa system or on-arrival visa. However, most Australians still do not know how to apply for a Vietnam visa? Procedures, prices and document? The following article will provide all the information that Australian citizens need to know.

Under the current visa policy of Vietnam, all Australians who come to Vietnam for commercial or tourism purposes must have a visa. Visa applications can be completed either in Australia electronically or in Vietnam with an visa on arrival.

  1. How to apply Vietnam e-visa for Australians?

Australia are one of 80 countries can apply Vietnam E-visa. Australian passport holders can apply for a visa online on the website and use it to enter Vietnam through airports, seaports or border crossing. To apply for an electronic visa, Australian citizens must prepare a passport copy and a digital photo in advance.

Apply Vietnam Evisa

Step 1: Click the link to apply for an electronic visa

Step 2: Fill in the online visa application form with all necessary information

Step 3: Upload passport copy and digital photos

Step 4: Pay the visa fee

After completing the above steps, you have completed the electronic visa application. After 2 business days, you will receive your e-visa via email.

  1. How to get a visa on arrival for Australian citizens?

Visa on arrival is the visa processed at Vietnam airport. Australian citizens are allowed to get a visa on arrival in Vietnam, however, they must prepare in advance the approval letter, the original passport, two 3×4 cm photos.

Approval letter is a document approved by the Immigration Department of Vietnam, allowing the person on the list to receive the visa at the airport. You can apply for a letter of approval online before coming to Vietnam:

Visa approval letter

Step 1: click on the link to get a letter of approval

Step 2: Fill in the online visa application form with all necessary information

Step 3: Pay for the letter of approval fee

After completing the above steps, you have completed the application for approval letter. After 2 business days, you will receive an approval letter via email.

Process of getting visa on arrival at the airport:

On the day you arrive in Vietnam, after landing, you go to the visa on arrival counter to apply. You will be required to submit an original passport (more than 6 months validity), two 3×4 cm photos, a letter of approval (printed out), and a completed immigration entry and exit form. The immigration officer will check your documents and issue you a Vietnam visa.


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