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Son Tra Peninsula in Danang city

Location: Son Tra Peninsula is situated 10km from the northeast of Da Nang City.

Characteristic: The top of Son Tra has the height of 693m which is higher than sea level which make it similar to a mushroom with the top is Son Tra Mountain and the stem is the white sandy beach – a perfect site for bathing, playing sports, fishing and swimming.

Son Tra Mountain is a wild reserve region with a variety of flora and fauna system. This mountain is home to over 30km² of wild jungles, kinds of plants and animals. On this mountain, there still remain more than 30km² of natural forests, nearly 300 types of plants and several hundred kinds of fauna, including rare animal. The beautiful landscapes which is told that fairies usually considered it as their common place for landing, singing, dancing and playing chess and this is also the reason why this place has its name as Tien Sa (Tien: Fairy, Sa: landing). Standing on the peak of the mountain, tourist can have the whole attractive and tranquil view of lovely city below, Marble Mountains, Ba Na – Mount Chua.

The peninsula is surrounded by Suoi Da Stream, next to the foot of the mountain, with its smooth sandy outside. In the creek, the shattering of waves moves stably up and down and breaks up the piling rocks around the coastline. Also, Bai But with its groups of small, nice-looking houses is ideal place for people to sit and listen to the thunder of waves and survey the slanginess on the far mount cliffs. The position where the diving tourism can is the foot of the mountain with its surrounding colorful and charming coral beaches.

It is not only magnificent and poetic but also wide and poetic. Tourists have the opportunity to stay in the splendid flow of daybreak and the tranquil of dusk on this amazing scenery within a day in Son Tra. That is the period when they recognize the precious meaning of every second and the cry from inside the hearts.


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