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January 1, 2013
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Cam Le “Kho me” (sesame) cake village in Danang city

One of the specialties of Quang Nam – Da Nang province is “Khô mè” cake. Nevertheless, the most famous place of making this cake is Cam Le village which lies in the suburb, 6 km to the south of Danang city and contemporarily belongs to Khue Trung ward, Hai Hai district, Danang city.

“Kho me” (sesame) cakes was produced in 6 stoves with over 50 laborers, in which Mrs. Huynh Thu Dieu is the forerunner, whose nickname is Mrs. Lieu. Mrs. Lieu’s kho me cake is extremely renowned in the mart.

There are many ingredients to make the “Kho me” (sesame) cakes such as glutinous flour, rice flour, granulated sugar, ginger, and sesame. Rice flour is blended with glutinous flour to create a combination which then is infused into the form to be autoclaved and then to be exsiccated. After that, the cake will be immersed into sugar and sesame. The ones which are immersed into dried glutinous rice are named “kho no” while the ones that are immersed into sesame are named “kho me” (sesame). The tasty cakes can be recognized through its soft with soft sugar, well-exsiccated sesame and when shattered, the sugar must be like the flimsy yellow silk cords. Those occasions such as the death celebration, Tet holidays are the time when “Kho me” (sesame) cakes are placed on the altars.

At present, “Kho me” (sesame) cakes are produced and sold both in the domestic and foreign market all year time.

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