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Multiple Visa

Vietnam Multiple Entry Visa

1/ What is a multiple entry visa to Vietnam?

A multiple entry visa is the visa allowing you to enter as many times as you want in the period of validity time. Be different with the single entry visa (enter and exit only one time), the multiple entry visa help you to plan the itinerary for visiting Vietnam more flexible. You can enter Vietnam, then take your tour to visit around, and exit Vietnam to come to another country, then come back again. It is also suitable for those wanting to come in and come out multiple times.

2/ Who need to use multiple entry visa?

  • Businessmen who want to come to Vietnam many times to do their business.
  • Travellers who want to visit Vietnam, then come to another countries, then come back to Vietnam.
  • Backpackers who want to visit Vietnam and the neighbourhood countries such as Cambodia, Laos, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, etc. The backpackers usually choose to cross the border land, so multiple entry visa is the best choice.

3/ Why choosing multiple entry visa?

Cheap price: Comparing with the single entry visa, it is just a bit higher. For example, the fee for approval letter of 1 month single visa is 6 USD. If you pay 2 USD more, you can get the 1 month multiple entry.

Flexibility: If you enter Vietnam and then you suddenly want to combine your trip to explore Cambodia (or Laos, or China, ect), the multiple entry visa is highly recommended. Maybe you need to re-enter Vietnam by some reasons (for example fly back from Vietnam to your country is cheaper, or you only can fly back to your country via Vietnam’s airports), but just an idea jump out when you are in your trip, but if you only have a single entry visa in your passport, you are limited to make your plan.

Backpackers: Some backpackers like to do the tour from the North to the south of Vietnam (or from the South to the North), and they realize that Cambodia, Laos and China is too closed. At that time, they want to take a short trip to come to these nations, and enter Vietnam again to continue their journey. Multiple entry visa is the best for this case.

Businessmen: Some businessmen usually come to Vietnam for survey the market, sign in the contract, find out the suppliers, etc. They often choose the multiple entry visa because they will come back again in the short time.

4/ How many types of multiple entry visa in Vietnam

There are 4 types of multiple entry visa:

  • 1 month
  • 3 months
  • 6 months
  • 1 year

Depend on how long your visa validity is, you can get the different type of multiple visa. Many people are confused about the type of multiple visa, because they misunderstand about the way to divide it. Please note that depend on the way to get visa, it is divided into 3 types: E-visa, Visa at the embassy and Visa on arrival.

  • Evisa is electronic visa issued online, which is eligible for only 46 countries. But Evisa is 1 month single entry only. You cannot get the multiple entry if applying Evisa.
  • Visa at the embassy is what you get when you apply visa at the Vietnam embassy. You can get the multiple entry here.
  • Visa on arrival is the visa you get at the date on arrival, and you only can get at the international airports. To get visa on arrival, you need the visa approval letter. You can get it online via a travel agency.

In summary, the multiple visa is only for those who get visa at the embassy or visa on arrival.

Important Note:

From August 2018, only USA can get the 6 months and 1 year visa. The other countries can get maximum 3 months visa.

5/ Where to enter if using multiple entry visa

As I mentioned above, you only can get visa multiple if you apply at the embassy or visa on arrival.

If you apply with the embassy, please directly check with them here.

If you apply a visa on arrival, you must enter Vietnam at the international airports on the first time. It is required because at the first time, you must get the visa stamp on your passport. Only the international airports have the “visa landing counter” which will issue your visa on arrival, so the entry port of the first time must be international airports.

After get visa on your passport, you can exit at the different ports, included airports, seaports and landports.

When you enter Vietnam at the second time, third time, etc, you can enter though other ports as you want. No need to enter via only airports.

6/ Which documents needed to apply a multiple entry

There is no documents required if you applying visa on arrival online. However, you may be required to submit some documents when you apply at the embassy.

7/ How long to get the result?

It normally takes 2 working days (exclude Saturday, Sunday and Holidays) to get the approval letter, counting from the date you apply online the visa on arrival. But if you apply at the embassy, It may take 5-7 working days.

8/ When to apply the visa in advance?

It is recommended for you to apply 1 week – 1 month before the date of arrival. As I mentioned above, it only takes 2 working days to get the visa approval letter online. However, you should apply at least 1 week before the arrival date for safety. Sometimes it jumps into Vietnam holidays, or weekend, and you have to wait longer to get the result. You should apply in advance, because it is not risk when you have the approval letter in your hand before coming to Vietnam. So, applying 1 month, 2 months before arrival date is ok. It is accepted.

However, do not apply too soon. Do not apply more than 6 months before the arrival date.

9/ How much does it cost?

Depend on how long you stay, the price will be different. Please check the detailed fee here.

10/ How to apply?

If the embassy is near your home, you can come to the Vietnam embassy and apply there. But please note that the price at the embassy is more expensive than applying online.

If there is no embassy in your country, or the embassy located far away from your home, you can apply online.

For your reference, please read how to apply visa on arrival online.


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