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Vietnam Visa Is Opened Again On July 1st 2020? Don’t Misunderstand

Some newspapers and online websites recently informed that: “Vietnam electronic visa will be opened again on July 1st 2020, and the eligible countries can apply online to get visa to Vietnam from July 1st “. Is it true? We will explain clearly about this information in this article.

Vietnam visa is closed from March 15th and until now it’s still closed. Vietnamese government is taking citizens’ protection from virus in priority so all borders are still closed as well. And all new visa applications are not granted until further notice.

However, there is the information that Vietnam visa will be opened again on July 1st. This is totally incorrect. There is a new rule in Vietnam visa policy which will take effect on July 1st, and some people misunderstood about that.

Actually, Vietnam prime minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc approved the new regulation of Vietnam visa on the end of May. This new regulation will take effect from July 1st about Vietnam electronic visa. According to new update, the Prime Minister approved to add four more seaports which the visitors using electronic visa can enter through. As before, the Vietnam e-visa holders only can enter Vietnam through 8 airports, 16 land borders and 9 seaports. But from July 1st, they can enter through 4 more seaports.

Vietnam visa policy is changed from July 1st 2020, not Vietnam visa is opened again on July 1st 2020. Some people misunderstood the information and posted on their website/ facebook as a “hot news”. But actually, it is the fake news.

We, who contact closely with Vietnam immigration and work for Vietnam visa services many years, strongly confirm that: “Vietnam visa is still closed now, and the Government still discuss about the date to open it again”. Vietnamese government also hope to open the borders and grant visa soon, however it still depends on the virus situation in the world.

Currently, the virus is well controlled in Vietnam. And visa is expected to open soon, especially for the countries which are well controlled as well. Please keep in touch with us through email: and we will send update about Vietnam visa for you regularly.


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