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[Official News] Vietnam Evisa Is Opened Again For Hong Kong and Macao Citizens From 08 February 2020

After lunar new year 2020, due to the big effect of Wuhan coronavirus, Vietnam Government decided to temporarily stop granting electronic visa for Hong Kong and Macao SAR, two regions are getting more and more bad influences from Wuhan virus. Furthermore, many airlines decided to cancel flights from Hong Kong Macao to Vietnam and vice versa. It’s very inconvenient for those who are seeking for a Vietnam trip for the last week.

From 08 February 2020, the situation is better. And Vietnam Government has just announced to grant Evisa again for Hong Kong and Macao citizens. Hong Kong and Macao passport holders can apply online for Evisa by clicking this link , submit online visa application as before.

It’s required to prepare scanned passport and digital photo when submitting the Evisa application. Applicants can take the photos by themselves by using the cellphone or asking the photographers for help. White background is a must when taking the digital photo.

The Vietnam electronic visa is processed within two working days for Hong Kong and Macao passport holders. In case of rush, it’s possible to expedite the visa application by paying extra fee. The visa fee will be refunded if visa application is rejected by Vietnam Immigration Department.

If the visa is approved, the applicants will get result through email. Hong Kong and Macao passport holders must print the Evisa out, showing the air ticket + passport, doing health examination at the airport (if any) and then entering Vietnam. The process at the airport can be longer than usual before due to the restricted control. If the applicants need to check in fast, they can request an “on arrival support service” which is provided on visa application page.


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This is the latest update about Vietnam visa for Hong Kong passport holders during the Corona virus outbreak.

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