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Vietnam Government Has Banned Chinese Citizens To Apply Vietnam Visa From January 31st  2020 Because Of Wuhan Corona Virus

Due to the complicated outbreak of Wuhan corona virus, the Vietnam Government just issued an announcement that all Chinese passport holders are rejected to grant Vietnam visa from January 31st  2020. The rule will be changed if the virus situation is controlled in the future.

Accordingly, all Vietnam visa types for Chinese citizens, included tourist visa, business visa, visiting relatives visa, etc. will be refused to grant in this period. Only Chinese official passports are considered to get Vietnam visa.

The Vietnamese embassy and consulates in all countries in the world will stop for granting visa for Chinese passport holders. The electronic visa and visa on arrival also cannot apply for Chinese people in this time.

For Hong Kong and Macao passports, visa applications will be considered carefully and it’s will be more difficult to grant Vietnam visa in this time. More documents are required and the visa process will take longer to check.

For Taiwan passport holders, the Vietnam visa process is still the same before. Taiwan people can apply visa on arrival and get visa at the airport normally.

The Vietnam Government and Immigration Department will update the virus situation day by day and the visa policy may change any time in this sensitive period.


This is the latest update about Vietnam visa for Hong Kong passport holders during the Corona virus outbreak.

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