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Is There Any Way To Process Vietnam Visa For Hong Kong Citizens From 31th January 2020 Due To Corora Virus Problem?

This is the latest update about Vietnam visa for Hong Kong passport holders during the Corona virus outbreak.

The virus corona is now more and more dangerous, not only in China, but also in the world. For safety of the global, The Vietnam Immigration Department has stopped to grant new visa for China citizens from January 30th 2020 (until the new announcement). Hong Kong passport holders are also restricted to grant visa as below:

1/ Stop to grant electronic visa for Hong Kong passport holders to Vietnam from January 30th 2020 (until the new announcement)

2/ Continue to grant visa on arrival for Hong Kong passport holders, but due to the virus corona situation, it’s required two below conditions to issue visa for Hong Kong passport holders:

2.1/ Provide the air ticket booking

2.2/ Arrange a support service on arrival at the Vietnamese airport

– Please note that when Hong Kong applicants provide the full documents and pay for “airport support services”, the Immigration Department will consider to grant visa for them, but it’s not guaranteed to get visa 100%. In case their visa application is rejected, the visa fee will be fully refunded.

– Depend on the virus situation, the visa policy can be changed day by day. Please keep update the information.

For those who decide to apply Vietnam visa, please click here to process the application and don’t forget to choose “on arrival support service”.

The visa will be considered slower than the normal process. After carefully checking, the visa result will be sent to the applicants’ email.

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