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Can Taiwan Citizens Apply Vietnam Visa During The Wuhan Corona Virus Outbreak?

Wuhan corona virus has spread out to many regions in China, as well as many countries in the world. Some countries has restricted the visa policy for safety reason, included Vietnam. The Vietnam Immigration Department has stopped to grant visa for Chinese citizens from the end of January 2020. But can Taiwanese citizens apply Vietnam visa during the Wuhan corona period?

Vietnam government has announced that Vietnam visa will be temporary closed for Chinese passport holders from the end of January due to virus corona situation. However, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan passport holders still can apply visa in this time.

Accordingly, Hong Kong and Macao passport holders need to submit the roundtrip air ticket. The processing time is also longer.

For Taiwan passport holders, the visa application still keeps the same as before. Taiwanese just need to apply online to get approval letter, and then using this letter to get visa at the airport. However, it’s recommended to book a “airport support service” to arrange visa well when landing. In this sensitive period of time, the applicants can meet a lot of trouble if do not use the “airport support service”. With this service, the applicant will be picked up at the “visa on arrival counter” and all visa procedure will be processed smoothly and fast. The applicant also can enter Vietnam through VIP gate, which save a lot of time at the airport.

In conclusion, as the fact that Taiwan still safe with corona virus, Vietnam government still grant visa for Taiwan passport holders as before. Nothing changes, and Taiwanese still can apply online for Vietnam visa during corona virus outbreak. However, you should keep update the virus situation because the visa policy can be changed depending on the real situation.


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