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Extend or Renew Vietnam Visa

Vietnam is a beautiful country with more than 2000km long from the North to the South. Moreover, there are many many things to explore, such as landscapes, attractions, cultures, foods, people, etc. So, how long should be in Vietnam is the most difficult question that many people meet when plan to visit this country. That is the reason why more and more people coming to Vietnam want to stay more than what they planed before, and it leads to a situation: extend and renew the visa!

Some countries’ citizens can enter Vietnam with free visa, but most countries need a visa to Vietnam. And all visas have the validity. If the visa is still valid, you can be in Vietnam. But If the visa expires, you have to exit the country. For example, you plan to come to Vietnam about 25 days, so you apply 1 month visa. But when the expiry date comes, you realize that there are still many things you have not experienced yet, and you want to stay more in Vietnam.

So the question is: Extend and renew visa, which one is better?

Different situations will have different answers. Sometimes extension is better, sometimes renewal is better. So, you need to know more about these two ways.

1/ Visa Extension

First of all, you need to know that some types of visa CANNOT extend. Visa applying at the embassy and visa on arrival can be extended, but E-Visa cannot extended or converted to any types. So, if you are not sure whether you may extend or not, please choose visa on arrival or visa at the embassy.

Second, the price for visa extension is not fix. It depends on your nationality, type of visa you are using, entry port, and how long you want to extend. The advantage of visa extension is that you do not need to leave Vietnam. You just submit the original passport to the travel agency and they will help you do the procedure.

1.1/ Extend 3 months single entry: The new valid date will begin when you submit for extension. For example, your visa is valid from 16AUG – 16NOV. If you submit 3 month extension visa on 18OCT, your new visa will be valid from 18OCT plus 87 days (note that according to Immigration rule, 3 months means 87 days). So, you should do visa extension when the date of expire coming.

1.2/ Extend 3 months multiple entry: The rule is the same with above option, but you can exit and enter Vietnam again multiple time. The price is more expensive. Please note that not all cases can extend 3 months multiple entry.

1.3/ Extend 1 month single entry: The new valid date will be continued to the old valid date.  For example, your visa is valid from  16AUG – 16NOV. Although you submit 1 month extension visa on 18OCT, your new visa will still be from 16NOV – 16DEC.

Time for processing: 5 – 7 working days (excluded Saturday, Sunday and Holidays)

Urgent service: Pay extra fee to get back passport within 2 working days

Procedure: Submit the original passport to the travel agency. After 5-7 working days, you come back to get your passport with new visa inside.

Please note: Because it is not fix about pricing, so please take a picture of your passport + current Vietnam Visa + entry port, and send to us. After receive your question, we will send the detailed quotation and advice.

2/ Renew visa

You cannot renew visa without leaving Vietnam. So, When your visa expiry date coming, you have to choose these ways:

2.1/ Come out Vietnam and re-enter Vietnam via airport by using Visa On Arrival: You have to fly out Vietnam, and then fly in Vietnam, then get via stamp in your passport. The fee will be:

– Air ticket and expense related to come out and come in Vietnam. You can fly to Singapore, Bangkok or Kuala Lumpur. Round trip Air ticket about 110 USD

– Visa to Thailand/Malaysia/Singapore for your nationality (please check by yourself)

– Vietnam visa fee: Please check here.

Processing time: 2 working days.

2.2/ Border Run: It means that you come out Vietnam and re-enter Vietnam via-border. This way saves a lot of money when comparing to the other ways. For example, if you are in Ho Chi Minh City, you can transfer to Moc Bai check point (Tay Ninh province) by bus, then come to Cambodia, and then re-enter Vietnam via this border again. The fee will be:

– Roundtrip bus from HCMC – Moc Bai: Around 100,000 VND (5 USD)

– Visa to Cambodia for your nationality: Please check by yourself.

–  Vietnam Visa fee: The fee is usually a bit higher than visa fee for visa on arrival. Please check the travel agency to get the right price.

Processing time: 5 working days


– For Visa extension, please choose the appropriate date to extend most effectively

– For visa renewal, you can apply to get the visa approval letter in advance. At the date of expiry, you exit and re-enter to get the new visa stamp


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