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Vietnam Visa On Arrival

What Documents Needed To Get Landing Visa Of Vietnam?

The Vietnam landing visa (or called Visa On Arrival) is type of visa which applicants get when arriving Vietnam airport. Many people misunderstand that landing visa no need any document, so when they come to Vietnam, they just show the passport and they are not allowed to enter Vietnam. So, what documents needed to prepared before coming to vietnam to get landing visa?

The Landing visa immigration staff will grant visa to applicant when he receive full these documents:

  1. Original Passport

Passport is the essential document that all travellers need to have when travel abroad. When applicants apply visa landing, their passport must be valid six months prior to the exit date. At least 2 blank pages in passport is also required.

  1. Visa approval letter

The approval letter is important as well. This letter will show that “the applicants ABC are accepted to get visa landing at the airport with single/ multiple times”. So, before coming to Vietnam, applicants must apply this letter. If they don’t have it, they cannot get visa landing.

This letter can be applied online, applicant can click here to submit it online.

  1. Visa application form

This form is called entry and exit form as well. This is the form to collect visitors’ information. Applicants can get it at the airport or get it through email when applying the approval letter as above.

  1. Visa stamp fee

This fee is the fee to get stamp as your required visa. Stamp fee is directly pay for Immigration Officers and pay in cash (US dollars or Vietnam Dong). Applicant should prepare it before coming to Vietnam.

Less than 3 months visa with single entry: 25 USD per person

Less than 3 months visa with multiple entry: 50 USD per person


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