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Vietnam Visa On Arrival

I Fly To Vietnam Today But I Just Realize That I Need A Visa To Enter. How Can I Do?

I am preparing for my Vietnam trip. I fly to Vietnam today, but I suddenly realize that I have to obtain a visa to visit this country. My flight is coming to take off now. How can I do to get Vietnam visa fastest?

In your case, you should think about Vietnam visa on arrival. This visa will be picked up on arrival, but you need to apply the approval letter in advance. This letter will show your name inside with the agreement of Vietnam Immigration Department for picking up visa at the airport. This letter is normally processed 2 working days. But in your case, you can also get it within 2 working hours. The urgent service will help you to get it sooner (depend on how fast you need it, you must pay for extra fee)


Step 1: Click to apply online

Click here to apply online the approval letter. You need to fill out your personal information and type of visa you want to get.

Step 2: Don’t Forget to choose Urgent Service

If you do it as normal process, you will receive the letter after 2 working days. But your flight is today, you need the letter before boarding time, so you must choose express service for getting it quicker.

Step 3: Receive Approval Letter Through Email

Depend on how fast service you choose, you will receive the letter through email at the deadline. When you get it, please recheck and print it out.

Step 4: Get visa at the airport

At the airport, you find out visa on arrival counter, which is in front of the passport control. Then showing this approval letter, your passport and pay the stamp fee for getting stamp. After that, you will receive the visa and enter Vietnam.


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For getting a visa on arrival, there are 2 types of fee you have to pay:

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