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What Is A Pre-Approval Letter For Vietnam Visa And How To Get It?

What Is A Pre-Approval Letter?

Pre-approval letter is an official letter which is granted by Vietnam Immigration Department, approving the people whose name are showed in it to enter Vietnam with a specific time. The pre-approval letter is also called visa approval letter.

This letter is used for picking up visa at the airports when you arrive Vietnam. Not similar to other countries, visa on arrival of Vietnam need to be approved in advance, so it’s required to have the pre-approval letter in your hand before coming to this country. Without the letter, you will be rejected to get visa at the airport. Please carefully note this point, and prepare for a pre-approval letter before visiting this country.

Pre-Approval Letter

How To Get The Pre-Approval Letter?

This letter is applied online through websites of the travel agencies which are authorized by Vietnam Immigration Department. Please see the below guidance:

Step 1: Access the application page

Click here for your example. The application page will ask you some information about you trip, your personal details.

Step 2: Provide information

Fill out the online application form, and don’t forget to type your email address. The pre-approval letter will be sent to your email when it’s ready.

Step 3: Receive the pre-approval letter

After 2 working days as normal process, you will be received the pre-approval letter. Your information will be showed in the letter. You should recheck them to make sure all are correct. After that, print it out and bring it to Vietnam.

How To Get Visa At The Airport?

When you arrive Vietnamese airport, you come to visa on arrival office (in front of passport control check) and submit the pre-approval letter + passport + entry and exit form and pay visa stamp fee. After that, the Immigration Officer will stick the visa onto your passport.

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