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The Cheapest Vietnam Visa for Travelers in 2020 – Only From 6 USD

Nowadays, budget of travel is one of the most concerning matter of travelers. There are a lot of expenses you need to pay when travelling abroad, so you need to carefully consider which one to pay and which one to skip. The smart travelers usually know how to reduce the cost effectively. There are many expenses that you do not need to use, and there are many costs you do not need to pay such a high amount.

In fact, You have to pay much more money than what you should do. When you travel to another country, you have to pay air ticket, hotel, bus, train, food, entrance fee, etc. And for each service, you always consider choosing the good one (cheap price with good service). Why don’t you do like that with visa?

Using The Cheapest Visa Services with

With the hope to bring the good visa services with the cheapest price to those who need visa to Vietnam, we run this business. We have established in 2007, and have run visa business for more than 10 years. is professional in vietnam visa service

When you do a search on “search engine” like google, there are many companies providing Vietnam visa will be showed. Do they can provide Vietnam visa for you or not? The answer is “yes”.  However, you should consider about the price and services they bring to you.

We open this visa service with the hope to bring more and more people all over the world to come to Vietnam. We know that visa is one of the barriers to stop many tourists wanting to come to Vietnam. So, we do this visa service and make it as easy as possible. We do not pay to much on profit, so we set the cheapest price in order that many people can use our service, and more and more people come to Vietnam to see our beautiful country. With us:

  • Best price guarantee: You will save money for your trip with the cheapest visa service. With only 6 USD, you can get the “visa approval letter”, and you can get visa on arrival at the airport. The price of other companies is much more expensive. Why don’t you use the cheap one with the same result?
  • Good Service: Many people are afraid of the services they get because cheap price normally comes with poor services. But for us, it is not true. We guarantee to serve the customer with the cheapest price and the best services. We always do the best for customers, so we pay attention to what customers think, and the services we bring to them are the best as well.
  • Fast processing: We guarantee that you can get your visa within 2 working days successfully. In urgent cases, we can process your visa faster (eg. 1 working days, 4 hours or even 1 hour).
  • Best support: We are easy in touch via email. Whenever you contact us, you will receive the support immediately. We give you free advices, and the best solution for specific cases.
  • Money back guarantee: We pay much attention to customer satisfaction, so if you do not satisfy with us in any matter, we send you back money. In case we do not do as what we said (for example late processing, visa refuse, not good in supporting, etc.), we send your money back. So, do not worry about anything when using our services.

When ever you need our support, please send us an email through:

How to apply a Vietnam visa?

It is very simple to apply a Vietnam visa with us. You just follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit this link for online application

You can apply online by using a computer or cell phone. It takes a couple of minutes to do it.

Step 2: Fill in the online form

We need your personal information to do your visa (no documents required). So, you just fill in the online form and we will use your information to submit.

You can also attach your passport. We will use the information in your passport to apply your visa.

Step 3: Make payment and get the email confirmation

When you finish to fill out the form, you will be leaded to the payment page. You can make payment easily by credit card/ debit card/ master card through paypal gate. It is safe and convenient.

After completing this step, you will get the email confirmation about your visa order.

Step 4: Print out the approval letter and prepare for Vietnam trip

After 2 working days, we send to you the approval letter of your visa. You print it out and follow the guidance to get visa on arrival.

Thank you

You always want to save the cost for a budget travel. You just want to pay a real cost for the service you use. So, you need to compare and choose the best services for what you use. With more than 10 years working in Vietnam visa services, we know the best way to get your visa. We provide the cheapest visa cost with the best service, and we are here – ready to help you. We do hope that you will use our services, and then you know more about us.

On behalf of Vietnam Immigration Services, Thank you!



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