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Tips For Overseas Travelers When Trekking Fansipan Sapa by Cable Car

Located in Sapa town, Sun World Fansipan Legend is a complex of cultural tourism, cable car service, entertainment and luxury resorts. However, it is also because the tourism complex is so large that sometimes you will miss the interesting points or notes needed to be able to discover the most perfect.

  1. Buying tickets

You can buy cable car tickets in different places. If you travel in groups or peak times, please reserve your hotel in Sapa without having to queue up. If you are on a small group or on a low occasion, you can buy tickets directly at the Sun Plaza in the center of Sapa town or Sapa station. The plus point for buying tickets directly is that you will receive a discount voucher for food at the restaurant in the Fansipan Legend. In addition, you are also advised, more specific instructions on how to buy mountain train tickets for the most economical and suitable. Cable ticket for tourists is 700,000 VND / person / round trip.

Fansipan Sapa – Vietnam Immigration Services


  1. Operating hours

Due to the operating time of the cable car from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm daily, it is difficult for you to watch the sunrise or sunset at Fansipan peak. However, you can select the time to go to the peak at noon. It’s the time to top the little fog, the lightest breeze and the brightest sunshine, so you can take pictures and explore the scenery easily.


  1. Difference in altitude and temperature

Unlike trekking, the difference between the two terminals is 1410m and it only takes about 15 minutes to cable up to this height. So when the cable car arrives at Fansipan station, you will have tinnitus and a slight elevation shock because the body has not adapted to the new height. The best way to reduce this effect is to take a deep, steady breath. In addition, you should also scarve, warm sweatshirt because the temperature on the top is lower and the wind is also stronger. If you have trouble breathing or have abnormal symptoms, you must contact the station staff immediately for medical assistance.

Trekking Fansipan Sapa by Cable Car – Vietnam Immigration Services

Train to Muong Hoa Mountain

Starting from Sun Plaza (Sapa town center) to Sapa station (Muong Hoa station), if you take the Muong Hoa mountaineering train, you do not need to take a taxi to Sapa station but still admire the panorama. Muong Hoa Valley is beautiful. Muong Hoa mountain train tickets cost 70,000 VND per person. Train runs continuously so you do not have to spend much time for waiting. The train station is designed in a European style, but there are many beautiful details, you do not miss the virtual corner here.

Trekking Fansipan Sapa by Cable Car – Vietnam Immigration Services

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Train to Do Quyen Mountain

From Fansipan Station if you want to climb to Fansipan peak, you will have to climb 600 more steps. For those who are healthy or on good weather, this is not a problem. But with the elderly or unlucky in the windy days, you should choose this transport to go up the Fansipan peak directly.

Trekking Fansipan Sapa by Cable Car – Vietnam Immigration Services

The advantage of the Do Quyen mountain railway is that you can take the initiative of buying round-trip or one way ticket. Ticket price is 100,000 VND / trip, travel time is 1 minute. VIS recommends you just buy one way up and walk down. Thus, saving time, energy, can visit the population of Ha Temple, Thuong Pagoda and the beautiful Rhododendron flowers on top Fansipan.

Fansipan peak

Currently, the old stainless steel cap marked Fansipan peak 3,143m has been fenced by tourist area. You will not be photographed next to this old cap. However, the resort has built up three new stainless steel caps, nicer and more spacious to help you take pictures for check-in easily. There is also a service to take photos and get pictures immediately, so you want to save beautiful moments with family or relatives can use this service.

Trekking Fansipan Sapa by Cable Car – Vietnam Immigration Services

Cuisine in Sapa

Coming to the Fansipan Legend tourist area, you can experience and enjoy food at Do Quyen Restaurant (at Fansipan Station) and Hai Cang Restaurant (at Sapa Station).

Trekking Fansipan Sapa by Cable Car – Vietnam Immigration Services

The restaurant and coffee here serve a variety of European and Asian dishes, specialties of Sapa such as pork, sturgeon hotpot, salmon hotpot, grilled fish and many other regional dishes with very affordable prices The difference in taste of food at Fansipan Legend is not only in the level of brand and taste of each dish, but also in the space of French architecture subtle breath of North West culture in each line of decorative features.

VIS has provided you with important information to discover Fansipan Legend. If there is anything you need help with, you can contact VIS, our 24/7 counseling system will help you anytime, anywhere.


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