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Things To Do In Hanoi City

Come to Hoan Kiem Lake in the early morning or visit the city by bus are just two of the 10 things tourists should try when visiting the thousand years of history capital. In the article below, VIS will suggest what you should experience when visiting Hanoi

Go to the market in early morning 

Quang Ba Flower Market and Long Bien Market are two tourist places that you should visit once when come to Hanoi. The main products here are flowers and foods. The market is open almost overnight. Going through these two markets, not only the buyers and the sellers but also many visitors who want to find for themselves a different perspective on the special culture in the life of Hanoi people.

things to do in Hanoi city – Vietnam Immigration Services

Walking around the Guom Lake early in the morning

Triston Yeo, a well-known photographer attached to Vietnam voted the Guom Lake early in the morning is the best thing to visit. Guests not only see the beauty of nature, but also the habit of Hanoian are exercise, regardless of winter or summer. Guests can stroll along the lake to enjoy the cool and  fresh air, or rest on a rock chair to observe and even join the crowd of people who do exercises, aerobic, etc.

things to do in Hanoi city – Vietnam Immigration Services

Sitting at a street side restaurant

Hanoi is famous for its street vendors and street side restaurants. Everyone coming to the capital is surprised by the variety of food that is sold here, from Vietnamese bowls of pho to Vietnamese dishes such as grilled fermented pork roll, Mozzarella sticks, sugarcane juice, and even the dishes have made the soul of the Kinh Ky such as Thanh Tri Stuffed pancake or grilled pork with vermicelli, etc.  Visiting Hanoi at any time of the year, visitors can choose for themselves delicious food. Be mindful to find seasonal delicacies to feel the full range of Hanoi cuisine on the sidewalk.

things to do in Hanoi city – Vietnam Immigration Services

Watching Hanoi city from above

Visitors to Hanoi do not forget to find a convenient location to view the city from above. This is not a new way but will bring interesting surprises to everyone. Depending on the time or place of your choice you can observe the city during the day or evening. Tip is to try both times at the same place and see the difference.

things to do in Hanoi city – Vietnam Immigration Services

Walk around the Old Quater in Hanoi City

Hanoi Old Quarter is always the most attractive place in the capital. Although with the chessboard design, the streets are parallel and perpendicular to each other, but not everyone easily found their way out of this maze. Strolling around the busy streets or visiting souvenir shops hidden in the alley will be an enjoyable experience for any visitors who comes here. If you are tired, look for a cafe located on the balcony of an ancient house to observe the bustling life below.

things to do in Hanoi city – Vietnam Immigration Services

Sunset in West Lake in Hanoi city

Located in the northwest of Hanoi, West Lake is a tourist attraction. Many people come here to enjoy the specialties only here but many people come to drop into the very peaceful space. Especially when the afternoon, West Lake became fanciful in the yellow color dyed to the horizon. Visitors can stop to save impressive memories.

things to do in Hanoi city – Vietnam Immigration Services

Wander around the city by bus

In addition to tram and cycle rickshaw, the bus is the next transport that travelers should try once when they arrive in Hanoi. Not only because of the low cost, the bus is also attractive due to the rich route, passing through most of the famous tourist sites of Hanoi. With two eye-catching colors, red and yellow, the bus can also contribute to the highlight of each traveler’s photo.

things to do in Hanoi city – Vietnam Immigration Services

Hanoi is a popular destination for many visitors, if you visit Hanoi do not forget to experience the peaceful moments, you will never forget this place.


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