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Marble Mountain (ngũ hành sơn) in Danang city, Vietnam

Location : Far from the city center about 8km, tourist pass Han River on Nguyen Van Troi bridge or Tran Thi Ly bridge following Ngo Quyen street, Le Van Hien street; at T-junction of Huyen Tran Cong Chua street is Marble mountain.

Feature: Ngu Hanh Mountain is the well-known scenery gathering, historical sites expanding in a big area, an beautiful place where visitors should not miss when coming to Danang city. Ngu Hanh mountain is also recognized as Non Nuoc( mountains and water), Ngu Uan mountain( 5 inaccessible mountains), Bach Hoa Ngu Chi( 5 fingers mountain) and Mable mountain.

Ngu Hanh mountain includes 5 mountains: Kim mountain (metal); Moc mountain (wood); Thuy mountain (water); Tho mountain (earth); Hoa mountain (Fire)(Hoa mountain consist of two peaks); King Minh Mang in 1837 named the mountains after the five fundamental factors of the universe.

Thuy Son is the tallest and most impressive of the places. The mountain has 3 peaks under 3 stars of Tam Thai so called Tam Thai Mountain. The highest peak is 106m, located in Northwest, called Thuong Thai, comprises Vong Giang Dai (river-viewing pavilion), Tam Thai pagoda, Tu Tam pagoda, Hoang Cung cave (royal palace cave), Hoa Nghiem Cave, Linh Nham cave, Huyen Khong cave.

The lower peak in the south is Trung Thai; visitor can watch the sky entrance, western wind cave,

The lowest peaks is Hoa Thai in the east, consists of Vong Hai Dai( sea-viewing pavilion), Linh Ung pagoda, Tang Chon pagoda, Ba Co, Tien well(fairy well) and Am Phu cave( hell cave).

Tam Quan old entrance (three gates) of Tam Thai pagoda, coming after 156 paces, is the place where keeps “fire heart” and the bell engraved Minh Mang name. after being constructed in 1630, this pagoda was restored in 1825 by King Minh Mang. Having a position in Vong Giang Dai( river-viewing pavilion) and Vong Hai Dai ( sea-viewing pavilion), tourist can view the a lovely rural area near Co Co River and enormous sea area.

The scenery in the cave is extremely impressive. The sandstone cliffs shone by the sunbeam make a lot of distinct shades which can be found out and relished by tourists themselves.

There are a lot of attractive natural caves in the west of the scenery. In Kim Son Mountain have Thai Son pagoda, Quan The Am pagoda and cave, Tam Thanh cave. In Hoa Son has Linh Son pagoda, Huyen Vi cave, Pho Da Son cave.

Tourists always find the Buddhist statue made of sandstone beautiful interesting when they come to Quan The Am and Huyen Vi caves. The cave, whose entrance is 10 meters from the mountain foot, was found by the monk Thich Phap Nhan in 1956. To go down to the mountain side, you just need to come after the natural stone steps.

A stalagmite block formed into Bodhisattava Kwan Yin with a human height with her right hand raising the Holy water jar stands right in front of the entrance of the cave. A lovely thickness of twinkling marble envelops from her shoulder and going along the height of the statue.

Three Buddhist objects which are bell, drum and stone having real sound is kept in the cave. There is also a fresh pool, named Cam Lo pool, at the end of the cave.

To get essential notice, visitors should look through the guide map at the hill foot or pursue the instruction board.


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