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Exploring Anh Vu Mountain in That Son Range in An Giang province

Belonged to the chain of That Son Range (seven Mountains) along the national road 91 from Long Xuyen to Chau Doc, Anh Vu or Ket Mountain is one of the most famous tourist destinations in An Giang Province. The 225m mountain is located in Thoi Son ward, Tinh Bien district, An Giang province.

There are numerous of restaurants and sidewalk stops with many local specialties in the green gardens located along the road leading to Anh Vu Mountain. Our group stopped at “Hammock Rest Stop” and was warmly welcomed by friendly locals

. We ordered palm juice, a specialty of this region, and asked for the way to the mountain. After a couple of minutes resting in hammocks, we continued to the mountain.

In a twinkle, we finally reached the mountain. We were surprised by its magnificence and beauty but we easily reached the Ket tourist area near the top of the mountain. We began climbing up the steps to conquer the legendary mountain.

There are over 10 interesting sites on the mountain, from the foot to the top and along its slopes, which tourists should not miss such as Fairy Well and Truc Lam, Ngoc Hoang, Phat Thay, Huynh Long and Phat Mau temples.

There is a giant rock called Mo Ket, which is located half way up the mountain. Standing from this position, visitors can see mountain which looks like a moving mount because the cloud masses that pass by are always changing. The average temperature on the mountain area ranges from 18 -24 C even at noon. Nearby is Dai Mountain, like a giant rock garden, and an ancient temple, both worth a visit.

Especially, there is a well called Fairy Well that is positioned on the top of Ket Mountain. This is one of must-see landscapes you should stop by in your conquer in top of the mountain. The source of this well is still unknown. The well looks like a cave adhering to rocks and its water is fresh and cool.

That Son Range, and Anh Vu Mountain in particular, are known for the monks who lead a religious life in the mountain such as Doan Minh Huyen, founder of the Buu Son Ky Huong religion with Buddhist origins.

The mountain is open for excursions and religious purposes.

The common names of the seven mountains in the That Son range are:

Núi Cấm (Thiên Cẩm Sơn, “heaven’s forbidden mountain”),

Núi Dài Năm Giếng (Ngũ Hồ Sơn)

Núi Cô Tô (Phụng Hoàng Sơn),

Núi Dài (Ngọa Long Sơn),

Núi Tượng (Liên Hoa Sơn)

Núi Két (Anh Vũ Sơn)

Núi Nước (Thủy Đài Sơn).

Cam Mountain is the highest among the mountains of That Son Range in specific and in the whole Mekong Delta region In general with the height of 710m. Gifted with the spectacular mountainous terrain, Cam Mountain is considered as the “Dalat of the Mekong Delta”. In the festival season, normally from the 4th to 7th lunar month, the mountain is usually crowded with tourists and pilgrims. The number of permanent residents living on the mountain is about 3000 people, while there are about 1000 visitors visiting this area per day.


The prince Nguyễn Ánh, who later proclaimed himself the first emperor of the Nguyễn Dynasty (1802–1945), sought refuge in the mountain from the Tây Sơn insurgents. Anh forbade anyone to come to the mountain, hence its Vietnamese name meaning “Forbidden Mountain”. Followers of the Buu Son Ky Huong tradition, founded in An Giang in 1849, refer to these mountains as Bửu Sơn (“Precious Mountains”), since their founder, Đoàn Minh Huyên, is said to have spent time in meditation in these mountains.

Tourists can now visit Ba Chua Xu temple complex on Sam mountain, Great Buddha Pagoda and the Nui Cam Natural Reserve (Lam Vien Nui Cam), located nearby.


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