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Co To Mountain in An Giang province

Being the most famous mountain in That Son, the mountain chain in An GIang Province, Co To Mountain is one of the most frequently crowded destinations by pilgrims and tourists.

Located about 50km from Chau Doc central, Co To Mountain is belonged to Nui To Commune, Tri Ton District. The mountain is about 5,800m long, 3,700m wide and rises to 614m above sea level.

Beside the popular name Co To, the mountain is also named To Mountain because its overview appearance looks like an overturned bowl, so it is called “To” which means “bowl. It also called Phung Hoang Son (Phoenix Mountain). Since connected with the mountain is Tuc Dup Hill, the mountain and the hill resemble a phoenix in the afar look, so people call the mountain Phung Hoang Son, which means “the mountain of a phoenix”.

Living on the mountain there has about more than 30 families that mostly are farmers. They grow fruit trees such as mangoes, jackfruits, durians, bananas, papayas, pineapples and avocadoes. Over the past several years, residents have also cultivated aquilegias for agar wood. Several families also sell goods such as footwear, headwear, food, drinks and candles to tourists.

The mountain has many natural forests where become interesting places for visitors. There are some pagodas and temple, which are located on the mountain that visitors can stay at night if they do not want to leave the mountain too late or if they want to stay longer for more visits the next day. In addition, they can also stay overnight at simple guesthouses operated by residents.

One of the spectacular beautiful landscapes of Co To Mountain is San Tien (Fairy’s yard). This area is about 200m above sea level. With a 300m² area of rock yard, It is fairly smooth and a bit steep. Near the far end of the yard below the top of the slope, there is a right footprint in the rock. It is said that this footprint was appeared by a right foot of a fairy who stepped from Co To Mountain to Cam Mountain, about 8km away. His left footprint is on Cam Mountain.

Co To Mountain has visitors all year round but because of the fine weather it is more crowded from the time of the Lunar New Year holidays until the fifth lunar month.


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