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Cam (Forbidden) Mountain in Tinh Bien District, An Giang province

Location: Cam Mountain is located in An Hao Commune, Tinh Bien District, An Giang Province.


Being well-known under the name Thien Cam Son (heaven’s forbidden mountain), Cam Mountain is the highest and largest one, which is belonged to the superb Mountains (That Son) in An Giang.

The magnificent mountain locates itself grandly in the Cuu Long (Mekong) Delta on the altitude of 710m. The panoramic view of Great Buddha Pagoda (in An Binh, An Hao Commune) from Vo Bo Hong Peak presents a great valley surrounded by rolling mountains in the Thien Cam Son chain such as Vo Dau, Vo Bo Hong, Vo Thien Tue, etc. Gifted with such unique beautiful landscape of mountain, Cam Mountain is popularly named as a Dalat in Mekong Delta because the climate in this area is cool all year long. Besides that, Cam Mountain also becomes more attractive to tourists due to its heart- warming legends and myths.

A local folk tale said that the reason explaining why this mountain is called Forbidden Mountain is that Cam Mountain was once very wild area where many frightening beasts and invisible figures lived. Consequently, nobody dared themselves entering this mountain. However, according to another legend, when Nguyen Anh sought refuge in the mountain from the chase of Tay Son insurgents, he banned anyone not to come to this mountain. Therefore, it was named “Forbidden Mountain”.

Downhill in the east is 100-ha Lam Vien Tourist Park on Cam Mountain which offers a wide range of recreational services including Kaolin Restaurant featuring specialties of the Seven Mountains Region.

When you follow the trail to move up the mountain from the park, you should stop by the poetic Thanh Long (blue dragon) stream. Resume your trip until you reach a fork, there you are in “Cam Mountain Highland”. From there, go to the right about 1km, then you will come to Vo Thien Tue peak. Then go back to your left hand up the sloping path to the Great Buddha Pagoda. You should also stop by Thuy Liem cavern, or admire Vo Bach Tuong (a grand white elephant-shaped rock on the side of the mountain) in O Cat. After that, let take a sightseeing tour of the Great Buddha Pagoda, Van Linh (holy) Pagoda, Vo Bo Lon (a grand bull-shaped rock), and finally Vo Bo Hong, the highest peak of Cam Mountain (and also of the Mekong Delta) from which you can see as far as Ha Tien sea waters if the weather is fine.


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