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Details on what you need for your photo and passport to apply for a Vietnam e-visa online

When you fill out a Vietnam visa application form online, you only need your passport and a photo of yourself. But visa applicants sometimes upload passports and photos that aren’t up to standard, which makes the process of getting a visa take longer. Your Vietnam E-visa application could be turned down if you upload documents that aren’t very good. When I apply for a Vietnam E-visa online, what do I need to do with my photo and passport? Please see the full instructions below:

1/ Passport’s requirements for Vietnam E-visa submission

As a standard part of your e-Visa application, you must either take a picture of yourself or scan the page with your personal information. The picture must be of good enough quality so that the information on your passport can be read clearly.

You only need to take a picture or scan of the page with your personal information. Your passport must be valid for at least six months. No need for other pages.

Passport information must be clear and easy to read. Don’t upload the blurry, low-quality passport photo. Instead, take a straight-on photo of the passport. Don’t miss any part of the information. Don’t let your finger cover up the information on your passport. Don’t use the black-and-white picture of your passport. Please change the picture with color.

2/ Photo’s requirements for Vietnam E-visa submission

You can take the picture with the camera on your phone. Make sure the picture meets the following:

Must show the whole face, the front, and the eyes.

Not put on any glasses.

Not put anything over your face.

If your passport was issued a long time ago, don’t use the same photo. A photo of yourself must be taken within the last 6 months. If you put your old picture in your passport, it won’t be accepted.

Don’t use a black-and-white, shaky, blurry, or low-quality photo.

Don’t wear a hat in the picture

Make sure the picture shows the whole head, from the top of the hair to the shoulders.

3/ What happens if your passport or photo isn’t good?

If you fill out the online visa application form and upload a bad passport or photo, you will be asked to send in new ones. It’s a lot of trouble because it takes a long time to process, and if your passport and photo still don’t meet the requirements, you have to update them again.

At worst, your visa will be denied. So, please make sure that the passport and photo you upload are of good quality.


For more information about how to apply for a Vietnam E-visa and what documents you need, feel free to send us an email at .


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