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Vietnam Visa Exemption Cases And Guides To Legally Enter Vietnam For Japanese Citizens With Tourist Visa And Business Visa

In recent years, the friendly and cooperative relationship between Vietnam and Japan has been developing in many areas, especially trade cooperation and cultural exchange. On that basis, in the past 2 years, Vietnam has been continuously welcoming a great number of tourists and merchants from Japan. However, one of the first difficulties that any Japanese businessman or tourist often faces when coming to Vietnam is the entry visa application procedure to Vietnam. To troubleshoot this issue to help Japanese businessmen and tourists feel comfortable and secure about for the Vietnam trip, we would like to analyze the cases of Vietnam Visa Exemption and guide the procedure to legally enter Vietnam for Japanese citizens with tourist visa and business visa.

  1. Vietnam Visa Exemption Cases

In order to promote tourism as well as expand trade relations for businesses between two countries, Vietnam has adjusted and promoted visa exemption for a number of countries. According to official information from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam, Japan is among the countries that Vietnam has been unilaterally exempted from visa since 2005. Specifically in the following cases:

  • Japanese citizens holding Diplomatic passports or Official Service passports will be exempted from visa to enter Vietnam for a period not exceeding 90 days.
  • Japanese citizens who hold passports and valid APEC business travel cards will also be exempted from Vietnam entry visa for a period of not more than 90 days.
  • Officials and officials of the ASEAN Secretariat are exempted from Vietnam visas for a temporary stay not exceeding 30 days, regardless of what passport they hold.
  • With the remaining types of ordinary passports, Japanese citizens who travel to Vietnam for less than 15 days are exempted from entry visa.
  • In accordance with Decision No. 80/2013 / QD-TTg of the Prime Minister dated December 27, 2013, Japanese citizens traveling to Phu Quoc Island and are staying on the island less than 30 days will be exempted from entry and exit VISA, which is also applicable to the case of transit in the transit area of an international border gate of Vietnam (including air and sea), and then proceed to Phu Quoc Island. However, in case if the Japanese citizens before and after entering Phu Quoc, had travelled to another province or city of Vietnam, it would not be entitled to this visa exemption.

Japanese are exempted from visa to Vietnam if travelling to this country less than 15 days

  1. Guides to legally enter Vietnam for Japanese citizens with tourist visa and business visa

Although Japanese citizens enjoy visa exemption entering Vietnam, most Japanese tourists and businessmen often face many difficulties to enter Vietnam. For example, the maximum staying time is less than 15 days; or you need the proofs of transportation and residence booking for customs declaration when required. Also, all visa exemptions must have an entry date at least 30 days from the previous exit date. If the two visa exemption times are not separated enough 30 days, you must apply for a visa to enter Vietnam. Therefore, in order to have the completely effective travelling or business trips, most Japanese tourists and businessmen often choose to apply for Vietnam entry visa including tourist visa and business visa or seek the services for entry visa to Vietnam at the immigration agencies.

Vietnam visa can be easily applied online now

As a citizen living or working in Japan, you can apply for a visa to enter Vietnam in the following 3 ways: applying for visas directly at the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulates in Japan, applying visas in the form of E-VISA, and applying for On-Arrival visas at the immigration agencies. Each visa application way has its own rules, conditions, and procedures. For more information, please visit the website or contact the company’s counselor directly via the email for specific instructions.

Above is the information on visa exemption for Japanese citizens coming to Vietnam and notes on the entry process. Hope that the article will bring useful information and contribute to a good trip for you!


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