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Guides For Vietnam Visa Applying At Embassy/Consulates Of Vietnam In Japan

As you know, Japanese citizens are exempt from VISA entry into Vietnam with a residence period not exceeding 15 days. However, in reality there are many cases where your business trip or travel exceeds the time limit of 15 days. At that time, you should consider applying for visa approval to enter and stay in Vietnam. Of course, the procedure for obtaining a visa in a country is not so easy. The following article will provide you with the first way to get VISA to Vietnam right in Japan, and answer some frequently asked questions about VISA application to Vietnam for Japanese citizens.

How to apply for a VISA to Vietnam from the Vietnam Mission Abroad in Japan?

A Japanese citizen has totally 3 options to apply for a tourist or business visa to Vietnam. This article refers to one of the basic ways to apply for VISA to Vietnam through the consular offices of Vietnamese government in Japan. In Japan, Vietnam has a total of one Embassy and two Consulates General which are Vietnamese legal and official representatives in Japan. These are also government agencies that you can contact to carry out the procedure for applying for a visa to enter Vietnam. The special thing is that if you are not a Japanese citizen but you want to go to Vietnam to travel or work, you can still go to these Vietnamese consular agencies in Japan to apply for a VISA to Vietnam. This is a quite favorable point for business people who often travel internationally or cross-country backpackers. You do not need to return to your home country to apply for a VISA to enter Vietnam.

  • Name list, address and working hours of the Vietnamese Mission Abroad in Japan:
No. Office name Address Working time
1 Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in Tokyo, Japan ·       Address: 151-0062 Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Motoyoyogi-for 50-11

·       Phone: + 81-3-34663311/13

·       Fax: + 81-3-34667652 / 12

·       Email:

·       Website:

·       Monday to Friday:

10 am – 11 am; 2 pm – 4 pm

·       On the occasion of New Year, Lunar New Year and other public holidays of Vietnam and Japan, the Embassy will be closed.

2 Consulate General Of Vietnam In Osaka – Japan ·       Address : 4-2-15 Ichinocho Higashi, Sakai-ku, Sakai-shi, Osaka 590-0952, Japan

·       Phone:    +81-72-221-6666

·       Fax : +81-72-221-6667

·       E-mail :

·       Website :

·       Monday to Friday:

9 am – 12 am (Monday only: 10.30 am – 12 am); 2 pm – 5 pm

·       On the occasion of New Year, Lunar New Year and other public holidays of Vietnam and Japan, the Consulate will be closed.

3 Consulate General of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in Fukuoka – Japan ·       Address : 4F, Aqua Hakata, 5-3-8 Nakasu, Hakata-ku,   Fukuoka-shi, Japan 810-0801

·       Phone: (+81) 922637668; Fax: (02) 6286 4534

·       Email:

·       Website:

·       Monday to Friday: 9 am – 5 pm

·       On the occasion of New Year, Lunar New Year and other public holidays of Vietnam and Japan, the Consulate will be closed.



  • Application documents and processing duration for an entry VISA to Vietnam at the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulates in Japan as below:
    • Original passport (with the validity of at least 1 month more than VISA expiration date or 6 months more than VISA expiration date if you go by plane);
    • Vietnam VISA Application Form (paper form available at the Embassy/Consulates)
    • 02 of 3 x 4 cm photos (taken within 6 months, white background; 01 to stick on the Visa Application Form)
    • 01 copy of booking hotel in Vietnam
    • 01 copy of round-trip ticket
    • Original Visa Approval Letter from Viet Nam’s Immigration Department
    • Processing duration: from 5 to 7 working days


  • Notes on applying a visa at the Vietnamese Embassy/Consulates in Japan:
    • If you have Vietnamese nationality with a re-entry card, you will need to fill in an application for a re-entry visa (paper form available at the Embassy or Consulates)
    • To complete the Vietnam VISA Application Form, you need to fill in the ‘VISA Approval Number’ in the upper left corner of the form. This number is in a document issued by Viet Nam’s Immigration Department called VISA Approval Letter. In case you enter Vietnam as tourists, you just leave the VISA Approval Number blank, the Vietnamese Embassy/Consulates in Japan will handle it and issue VISA for you. However, if your entry purpose is any other purpose, you must request an agency, an organization, or a company, etc. in Vietnam to handle procedures and submit to Viet Nam’s Immigration Department for the VISA Approval Letter.
    • Application documents for the VISA Approval Letter which the company/ organization in Vietnam submit to the Viet Nam’s Immigration Department as below:

– 01 copy of Business Registration, Investment Certificate of the company/organization in Vietnam;

– 01 original of registration sample of signatures and seal forms;

– 01 original form N2 (The company/organization in Vietnam sends to the Viet Nam’s Immigration Department to ask for you come to work with the company/organization);

– 01 notarized copy of work permit in case that you will receive salary/wage in this company/organization.


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