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All Information About 1-Year Multiple Entry Visa To Vietnam For US Citizens 2021

As of the end of 2018, Vietnamese Immigration Department changed the rule of 1-year multiple entry for applicants, which took affect until now. Following this changing, only US passport holders can obtain a 1-year multiple entry visa into Vietnam. Other nationalities can get a maximum 3 months visa with single or multiple entry.

only US passport holders can obtain a 1-year multiple entry visa into Vietnam in 2021

Applicants who hold a US passport which is still valid more than 6 months from the date of entry and have at least 2 blank pages can apply 1-year Vietnam visa with tourist or business purpose. The application can be processed online through a website which is authorized by Vietnam Immigration Department.

  1. How To Apply Online

Applicants can choose a repute organization which is authorized by Vietnam Immigration Department to apply online. Click on the online application form and fill out all required information (full name, gender, date of birth, type of visa, entry date, etc.). After completing the online form, the applicants will receive a visa order code and payment notice. After making the payment (payment by Paypal), an email confirmation will be sent to applicants’ email with detailed information about the visa.

For reference about online application form, please click here.

  1. Fees

A 1-year Vietnam tourist visa costs 50 USD/person

A 1-year Vietnam business visa costs 210 USD/person

Besides, US passengers have to pay for Vietnam Government amount of 135 USD as stamp fee to get Vietnam visa sticker onto passport.

  1. Documents

No documents are required when applying online 1-year tourist or business visa for US passport holder. Applicants can upload the passport copy or fill out personal information when applying online. No need to submit any other documents.

  1. Processing Time

Standard: 5 business days (after payment is made).

Expedite service: 24-hour processing time (additional fee is required). Kindly choose an Expedite service in your application when applying online for easier processing.

  1. Important Notices

Upon receiving your approval letter issued by the Vietnamese Immigration Department, kindly double check all personal information printed on it. In case of inaccurate personal information, please contact the organization who you applied visa with immediately for correction or adjustments (fees may be applied for amendments of visas due to applicants’ inadvertent errors).

The cost for visa includes visa approval letter fee (processing and handling fee), stamp fee (pay on arrival) and expedite service (if required). Visa approval letter fees vary depending on type of visa, duration of stay and type of service (standard or expedite). Please click on this link for further information about the price of all visa types for US citizens.

If you travel in a group: combined payment can be made in one money order for the whole group (two applicants or more). All applications can be sent in one letter or each application can be sent in one letter.

Duration of stay: visa will be valid from the date of entry provided on your application and printed on the visa. You may enter ON or AFTER the date of entry given on the visa and is expected to leave before the end of the expiration date.

For travelers with 12-month visa: The Customs and Border Protection Authority at the port of entry into Vietnam determines the length of each authorized stay within the 12-month duration. However, US citizens holding the 1-year Vietnam tourist visa must leave out Vietnam after 90 days then re-enter again without visa. In the period of a year visa validity, you can exit and enter as many times as you want.


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