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Is It Possible For American Citizen To Apply 1-Year Vietnam Visa?

Vietnam visa has the restriction of length of stay. Some countries are allowed to get maximum 1-month visa, some are 3-month. The 1-year visa is only available for US citizens using visa on arrival to enter Vietnam.

Visa On Arrival is getting much more popular in many countries and Vietnam is one of them. The Vietnamese government allows every citizen to be able to enter Vietnam with single or multiple entry and the length of stay is up to 3 months. Only American citizen can apply for staying up to 12 months at this moment.

For your question:

It is possible to apply for long term Visa On Arrival which is up to 12 months with multiple entry. It is applicable for American citizen.

The way to make it is quite easy and convenient, you just need to follow a few simple steps:

Step 1: Complete the online application form by providing your personal information, the clarification of your purpose in this time, the date of arrival, your passport, the length of stay, single or multiple entry, port of entry… via website of the travel agencies.

Step 2: Do the online payment. The price will depend on your type of visa, you can see the price table as below:

Entry The length of stay Service fees Stamping fees
Single entry 1 month 6 USD 25 USD
Multiple entry 1 month 8 USD 50 USD
Single entry 3 months 15 USD 25 USD
Multiple entry 3 months 20 USD 50 USD
Multiple entry 12 months (American passport) 50 USD 135 USD


Step 3: Receive the approval letter via email within 48 working hours.

For other steps, you just need to complete step by step as a normal process.

Take note:

  • Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months and beyond your planned stay in Vietnam.
  • With Visa On Arrival, you can just enter Vietnam through 6 international airports. Any land borders, sea ports or other airports will require a full visa before entering and don’t accept Visa On Arrival.

After your 12-month visa, you can totally extend to stay longer.


From August 2018, the Vietnam Immigration rule was changed, and most countries can get maximum 3 months visa to Vietnam. Only USA passport holders are accepted to grant 1 year …

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