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[Updated November 2020] Vietnam Visa Application For Hong Kong Passport Holders In Coronavirus Period – Procedures To Get Entry Permit To Come To Vietnam in Covid-19

From September 2020, Hong Kong citizens (as well as some other nationalities) are allowed to get Vietnam visa to come to Vietnam for business purpose. The visa application process is more complicated than it was before, as a result, many Hong Kong citizens don’t know how to apply Vietnam visa to enter Vietnam in pandemic period. Please read the content below to get useful information on procedure to get entry permit to Vietnam for Hong Kong people.

1/ Requirements to enter Vietnam in Coronavirus pandemic period for Hong Kong citizens

Although Vietnam government has approved to grant visa for entering Vietnam for Hong Kong citizens and other nationalities, there are a lot of requirements that the applicants must meet before applying:

First, Vietnam visa application is opened for experts, managers, businessmen, high-tech workers who come to Vietnam for working only. These applicants must be sponsored by a Vietnam company. Without the sponsor in Vietnam, the applicants cannot apply Vietnam visa in this period.

Second, the applicants must take the Coronavirus test 3-5 days before coming to Vietnam. After entering Vietnam, the applicants will be quarantined and take the required tests during 14-day quarantine.

Third, the applicants must contact Vietnam visa agency to process “entry permit” and “visa approval letter” at least 35 days before departure date. These documents are required, and it normally takes 30 – 35 days to get result. Without these documents, the applicants cannot book air ticket, quarantine hotel, and cannot enter Vietnam as well.

2/ How to apply Vietnam visa approval letter and entry permit to enter Vietnam for Hong Kong passport holders?

As mentioned above, these two documents are vital to enter Vietnam in Covid-19 period. Depending on where is the sponsor company located in, the required documents may vary, and the procedures also can be different.

The “entry permit” is applied at the provincial People’s Committee where the sponsor company is located in. And the “visa approval letter” is applied at Vietnam immigration department. After getting approved these two documents, you are allowed to get Vietnam visa when entering Vietnam.

Hong Kong applicants must have a valid passport, both passports beginning with “K” letter and passports beginning with “H” letter are accepted.

Hong Kong passport holders need to contact a Vietnamese company, and this company will support the applicants to sign and seal some related forms to apply “entry permit” and “visa approval letter”. Hong Kong passport holders also need to contact a travel agency in Vietnam to process immigration procedure.

3/ Procedures to enter Vietnam for Hong Kong people in Coronavirus pandemic period

Before coming to Vietnam, Hong Kong citizens must take the virus test. This test must be taken 3-5 days before departure date.

After getting approved “entry permit” and “visa approval letter”, Hong Kong applicants can use it to book air ticket, quarantine hotel, and airport transport service. All thing must be well booked and have confirmation before flying to Vietnam. Before boarding, the airlines staff will check again the required documents.

When entering Vietnam, the applicants submit “entry permit”, “visa approval letter”, passport, virus test, hotel confirmation and quarantine confirmation. And then the applicants will be transfer to quarantine hotel for 14-day isolation.

During the quarantine period, the applicants will be tested virus 2 times, if the result is negative, the applicants can get out the quarantine zone after 14 days as regulation. And then the applicants can come to sponsor company for business.

For detailed information on ways to obtain Vietnam visa for Hong Kong passport holder in Covid-19, please contact us through email


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